Preschool 3-5 year red flags and AG

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Question Answer
problems with toliet training3y
unable to build a tower of 10 blocks3y
holds crayon with a fist3y
unable to draw a circle3y
not able to dress self3y
does not understand taking turns3y
no pretend play3y
unable to give full name3y
unable to match two colors3y
does not use plurals3y
does not know 2-3 prepositions3y
unable to tell a story3y
unclear consonants3y
unable to construct a sentence3y
unable to balance on one for for one second3y
toeing-in causes tripping with running3y
withdrawn or acting out4y
stool holding4y
lack of self-care skills4y
unable to button clothing4y
unable to copy a square4y
unable to play games with rules4y
curelty to animals4y
interest in fire or fire starting4y
persistentent fears or shyness4y
inability to seperate from mom4y
difficult to understand their language4y
problems understanding preopositions4y
limited vocabulary 4y
unable to balance on one foot for four sconds4y
unable to alternate feet when climbing stairs4y
unable to count 3 objects4y
unable to recall 4 numbers 4y
unable to identify what to do in danger, fire, with a stranger4y
consistently poor judgement4y
concerns with night terrors5y
hair pulling scalp or eyelashes5y
unable to copy a triangle 5y
difficult time making or keeping friends5y
difficulty understanding sharing or school rules5y
bullying or being bullied5y
difficult hopping or jumping5y
unable to count to 105y
unable to identify colors5y
diffculty following three step command5y

Section 2

Question Answer
inability to sleepoverstimulation, can't go to sleep without bottle, seperation anxiety, fear of terrors
potty trainedday time control: 28 months HS control: 33 months 30% still wet bed by age 5
strong imaginationhard time differenetiate between real and fantasy
imaginary friend20-50% of 3-7 year olds have imaginary friend go away by 5-7
plays wellplays well by self and some assocative play, would rather be around peers but not play with them
sharingunable to share well, need intervention when playing with friends
interactive playstarts at 5 years with others
language should be understandable 90-100% by age3y
stutteringcommon at this age
positive reinforceswork best, dont overcorrect or overload punishment leads to violence
frequent aggressive behaviorinvestiage into childs role models, unrelieved pressures and physical problems
weight4-6 lbs a year starting age 2
height2-3 inches a year
bp95/55 too high = 109/69
vision20/40 4 years 20/30 5 years
20 db at500. 1000, 2000, 4000 hz
tonsilsabnormally large until age 9-10
deciduous teethare present at this age
HR 80-130
stutteringboys > girls refer: 6 years or older, dysfluency lasting more than 6 months, avoiding speaking, facial tension or extra body movement
developmental dysfluencieschild who spoke normal for months then start repeating first syllable of a word without facial tension and unaware
excessive masturbationbehavior modification with positive reinforcement

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