... + preposition (D)

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Section 1

Question Answer
damage to (n)
date back to (v)
date from (v)
deal with (v)
dear to (adj)
decide on / decide against (v)
decrease in (n)
dedicate to (v)
deficient in (adj)
definition of (n)
delay in (n)
delight in (v)
delighted with (adj)
demand for (n)
demand from (v)
depart from (v)
departure from (n)
depend on / depend upon (v)
depend on (adj)

Section 2

Question Answer
deputise for (v)
descended from (adj)
describe as (v)
describe sb/sth to sb else (v)
description of (n)
die of / die from (v)
die in an accident (v)
differ from (v)
(have) difference between / difference of / difference in (n)
different from (adj)
difficulty in / difficulty with (n)
disadvantage of (n) (BUT there's a disadvantage in doing sth)
disagree with (v)
disappointed with / disappointed about / disappointed by (adj)
disapprove of (v)
discharge sb from (v)

Section 3

Question Answer
discouraged from (adj)
discussion about / discussion on (n)
disgusted by / disgusted at (adj)
dismiss from (v)
dispose of (v)
disqualified from (adj)
dissatisfied with (adj)
distinguish between (v)
divide between / divide among (v)
divide into / divide by (v)
do sth about (v)
donate sth to sb/sth (v)
doubtful about (adj)
dream about (v)
dream of (= imagine) (v)
dressed in (adj)