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... + preposition (C)

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Section 1

Question Answer
call at / call on (phr v)
campaign against / campaign for (v)
capable of (adj)
care about (v)
care for sb (=like) (v)
(take) care of (n)
care for sth (=like to do sth) (v)
careful about / careful of / careful with (adj)
careless about / careless with (adj)
cause of (n)
certain of (adj)
change into (v)
characteristic of (n/adj)
charge for (v)
charge sb with (v)
check for (v)
choise between / choise of (n)
clever at (adj) (BUT It was very clever of you to buy it)
cling to sb/sth (v)
close to (adj)
coax sb into (v)
coincide with (v)
collaborate with (v)
collide with (v)

Section 2

Question Answer
comment on (v)
communicate with (v)
compare with (difference) (v)
compare to (likeness) (v)
comparison between (n)
compete against / compete for / compete with (v)
complain of of (= suffer from) (v)
complain to sb about sth (= be annoyed at) (v)
compliment sb on (v)
comply with (v)
conceal sth from sb (v)
concentrate on (v)
(have) confidence in sb (n)
confident in (adj)
confine to (v)
confused about / confused by (adj)
confusion over (n)
congratulate sb on sth (v)
connection between (n) (BUT in connection with)

Section 3

Question Answer
conscious of (adj)
connect to / connect with (v)
consider sb for sth (v)
consist of (v)
contact between (n) (BUT in contact with)
content with (adj)
contrary to (adj)
contrast with (v)
contribute to (v)
convert to / convert into (v)
cope with (v)
correspond to / correspond with (v)
count against / count towards (v)
count on sb (phr v)
cover in / cover with (v)
covered in / covered with (adj)
crash into / crash through (v)
(have) a craving for sth (n)
crazy about (adj)
crowded with (adj)
cruel to (adj)
cruelty towards / cruelty to (n)
cure for (n)
curious about (adj)