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Question Answer
days (of the week) & dates.......on Sunday; on May 1st; on Christmas Eve; on my mark; on the weekend (AmE.)on
months / seasons / year part of the day after a period of time........n summer / in July / in 2017 in the evening in an hour; in the futurein
a specific point of time exceptions (question: "When ...?") 11:15 p.m.; at half past six at noon; at night; learned English at 42; at the weekend (BrE.); at first glanceat
from a specific point in time until now (past till now).......since 1980; since yesterdaysince
up to a certain point in time.....until Monday; I’ll wait to call my manager until I hear from the clientuntill till
over a certain period of time.......for the first time in forever; for 3 yearsfor
from now to a specific point in the past (now till past).....a second ago; a decade ago; a while agoago
throughout the course or duration of summer; during the vacation; during the discussionduring
previous to in time; earlier than.......before winter; before dawn; before
Subsequent in time; at a later time than.....after midnight; after tomorrowafter
telling the time...ten to two (1:50) / ten past two (2:10)to (to past
a starting point / an end point...from the beginning; from now to eternityfrom/to
not later 12 o'clock; by next weekby

Section 2

Question Answer
in / position or state inside sth. in London; in the book, in the mirror; in love
at/ in the area of ...; specific position an event (or a place related to it) at home; at the table; at my side at the party; at the cinema; at school
on/ position above in contact with a certain side (left, right) the state or process of means of conveyanceon the desk; on my shoulder on the wall; on the water on the left side; on the bright side on leave; on fire; on the way on the phone; on TV; on the menu on trains; on the bus; on a plane
off/ from a place or position/off the table; off the wall; went off to Canada; got off the bus; turned off the TV
by, /beside at the side of; close to, next to by the door; beside the car; stand by me
under /in a lower position; beneath the surface under the table; under water
over// in or at a position above more than put sth. over a shirt; walk over sth.; over my dead body over 100 years; over ten miles
below // in or to a lower place; beneath below the surface; below 20°; below the clouds
above// higher than sth. else; overhead above the door; the clouds above; the problems cited above
up //from a lower towards a higher point up the hill; up there is a …
down //a descending direction rolled down the hill; walking down the street

Section 3

Question Answer
across the street; lines across the paperon, at, to or from the other side
through the tunnel; a tour through France....from one end or side to another
in a direction toward a person or thing toward a (given) state to bed; move on to; face to face; to the entrance back to health; all the way to; to die for
movement to the inside or interior of to the condition, state, or form of...into went into the kitchen; crashed into a tree breaking into pieces; go into banking
movement from the inside to the outside no longer in the condition, state, or form of drag myself out of bed; out of nowhere out of town; out of order; out of fashion
movement to the top jumped onto the table
movement in the direction of; or closer to towards the house; toward the future; toward peace
a starting point; movement away from ...from traveled from NY to LA a distinction walked home from the station;
a source, a cause;...froma note from the teacher; know right from wrong