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originating from, composed of, associated with, belonging to men of the north; OFa cup of coffee; the hand of God; that friend of yours
in the name of; through the agency or action of a book by Mark Twain; BYby myself; played by the rules; killed by a bullet; one by one they left; by car, by bus
estimation of quantity on the subject of ready to do sth. ABOUT aabout ten people; about five minutes; about two miles a book about English the chorus is about to sing
for indicates the object, aim or purpose..FOR happy for you; for sale; eager for fame; for one thing, …; for heaven's sake
with in the presence or use of with a friend; ..WITHwith cheese; with confidence; with a lot of …; will be with you shortly; from Russia with love

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Has not been heard from since
AT your disposal
It's not true I had nothingON,I had the radio on
BY all meansof course; certainly (granting a permission). "‘May I make a suggestion?’ ‘By all means.’" synonyms: certainly, indeed, of course, definitely, without (a) doubt, without question, unquestionably; affirmative
Once and for all now and for the last time; finally....conclusively, decisively, finally, positively, absolutely, determinedly, definitely, definitively, irrevocably "you must decide once and for all"