Pregnant Patient

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Question Answer
What can harm the fetus ?1. RADIATION 2. DRUGS 3. STRESS
T/F lack of proper oral hygiene could harm the fetus true
What is the exaggeration of perio disease seen in pregnant women ?pregnancy gingivitis
what is the cause of a "pregnancy tumor" and tooth mobility PYOGENIC GRANULMOA
When should you avoid elective dental care ?during the first trimester -- the 2nd and 3rd trimester's are the best times for elective treatment
What are the TX plan modifications for pregnant patients ?NONE -except that major reconstructive procedures, crown and bridge fabrication, and significant operations are best delayed until after delivery
What is the only dental treatment that should be done during the 1st trimester ?plaque control, OHI, Scaling, polishing and curettage
T/F commonly prescribed pain medications appear to be relatively safe to use during pregnancytrue
What should you do to minimize fetal risk initiate drug interventions at the lowest effective dose, especially in late pregnancy, and select analgesics only after careful review of a woman’s medical or medication history
When should women avoid NSAIDs and WHY?? ? after 32 weeks gestation owing to the possibility of antiplatelet or prolonged bleeding effects. Opioids should also be used with caution, especially in higher doses in late pregnancy when the infant should be observed carefully in the neonatal period for any signs of withdrawal (neonatal abstinence syndrome)