Pregnancy Medications

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Question Answer
Clomid- Clomipheneovulation inducer- stimulates release ovum. 50 mg per 5 days. Tx: infertility
Human Menopausal Gonadotriopin (hMg)gonadotropins-stimulate ovulation. IM or SC 75-150 (LH 75 U and FSH 75 U)
rFSH/FollistimRecombinant formula. Aid in reproduction, manage inferitility.
PregnylHuman chronic gonadotropin. Stimulate woman's release egg and male produce androgen. Tx: infertility and testicular developmen issues.
Luporon/Synarel/Zoladexgonadotropin releasing hormone. Synthetic LH. SC shot 3.6 mg/4hrs Tx: endometriosis and prostate cancer
Antagongonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist. Supression of FSH and LH, control premature ovulation. Tx: infertility along with in virto fertilization. SC 250mg once daily.
Letrozolearomatase inhibitor, antineoplastic. Tx: breast cancer, postmenopausal women hormone receptor. 2.5mg tab daily
Progesteronehormone to restrore balance. Tx: uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, infertility. 400mg daily for 10 days
Bisphosphonatesprevent loss bone mass. Tx: osteoporosis and similar
Salmon Calcitoninmay be nasal spray. Tx: osteoporosis 5 yrs post menopause, alt. to estrogen therapy