Pregnancy and lactation

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Question Answer
what should a vitamin contain?folic acid 400-800mcg daily, calcium 1000mg daily, vitamin D 600 units daily
folate should be least one month prior to pregnancy and first 2-3 months
inactivated flu vaccine reccomended what trimester?any!
Tdap what trimester?27-36 weeks of pregnancy
3 doses of Tdap (one Tdap and 2 Td) when?woman not vaccinated or history unclear
no live vaccinesone month before and during pregnancy
new labeling for pregnancyall new drugs approved must have it and any after 2001 must in next 5 years. more detailed benefit/risk data
category Cstudies in humans and animals not available or no studies humans but animal has shown risk
Caegory Dpositive evidence of fetal risk is available but benefits may outweigh risk life-threatening or serious disease
Category Xuse in pregnancy CI
should not be handled by pregnant healthcare people5-alpha reductase inhibitors, testosterone, mycophenolate, gancicolivr, chemo agents
morning sickness/nausea/ and vomitingeat smaller more frequent meals, avoid spicy or odorous foods, more frequent naps, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) +- doxylamine (unisom)
GERD/heartburnantacids (TUMS) .....h2 blockers are category B
flatulencesimethicone (Gas-X, mylicon)
constipationfluids and fiber
cough, cold, allergieschlorpheniramine or benadryl first line. 2nd generation claritin or zyrtec 2nd/3rd trimesters. oral decongestants no first tri. decongestants, dextromethorphan, guifenasin limited data preg/lact but may be recc by physician
painAPAP. use of Nsaids should be avoided. def not after 30 weeks gestation
infectionpenicillins, cephalorpsorins, and erythromycin and azithromycin okay. vaginal infections topical antifungals x 7 days, UTI keflex 7 days
asthmainhaled budesonide, inhald albuterol if needed
hypothyroidismlevothyroxine category A. will require 30-50% dose increase during pregnancy.
diabetesmetformin and glyburide commonly used. insulin preferred
hyperthyroidisimfirst tri propylthiouraic, 2nd/3rd methimazole