Precision Approach

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Question Answer
Prior to FL180/On DownWind or Vectors to ILS Approach (1/20)1. 250Kts or as assigned by ATC
2. PM-ABC's--ATIS, Altimeters, Build, Brakes, Checklist
3. PM-Set up MCDU/Radios and Displays for APP/Missed App (you can transfer AC control if you'd like)
4.PF-Transfer A/C Control, Check FMS and Displays and Brief APP
5. PF-Call for "Approach Checklist"
6. Approach procedure is normal completed prior to the transition level. Complete the approach procedure prior to initial approach fix/vectors to final approach course
7. PM-Notify cabin crew to prepare for landing. Verily cabin is secure
Approaching Base Leg (Approx 15nm from LDG) (2/20)1. PF- Crossing DECEL pseudo waypoint or in Selected Speed - "Activate Approach Phase"
2. PM-"Approach Phase Activated"
3. PM-"RAD ALT Alive" at 2500' auto callout
4. PF-"Cross Checked"
At green dot speed or less than Vfe (3/20)1. PF-"Flaps 1"
2. PM-"Speed Checked, Flaps 1" & select flaps 1 (should be selected >3 miles from the FAF. The airplane must be established on the GS with Flaps 1 and S speed by 2,000' AGL
When cleared for Approach (4/20)1. PF-FCU APP button-push
2. PF-Both AP engaged
3. PM-"Localizer Alive"
LOC Capture (5/20)1. PM-"LOC Capture"
2. PF-Verify Localizer Capture
Glide Slope Alive (6/20)1. PM-"Glide Slope Alive"
2. PM-"Glide Slope Capture"
3. PF-"Set GA Alt___FT"
4. PM - "GA Alt___ Set"
Rec Configuration Speeds (7/20...sort of)1. Clean - Green Dot (210 knots)
2. Fl1 -190 knots
3. FL2- 170 knots
2000ft AGL Min or 1 dot below GS if less than 2000ft (8/20)1. PF-"Flaps 2"
2. PM-"Speed Checked, Flaps 2"
When Flaps at Two (9/20)1. PF-"Gear Down"
2. PM-"Gear Down" and Lower Gear
3. PM-Arm Ground Spoilers
4. PM-Confirm Autobrake as Required
5. PM-Check ECAM Wheel Page
When Gear is Down (10/20)1. PF-"Flaps 3"
2. PM-"Speed Checked, Flaps 3"and set Flaps 3
When Flaps Three (Unless Landing Flaps 3) (11/20)1. PF-"Flaps Full"
2. PM-"Speed Checked, Flaps Full" and set flaps
OM/FAF (12/20)1. PF-"Passing OM/Fix Name, ___FT"
2. PF-"Checked"
When landing flaps set and landing memo displayed (13/20)1. PF-"Landing Checklist"
2. PM-Perform checklist and "Landing Checklist Complete"
Past OM with LDG Flaps Set (14/20)1. PF-A/THR--Check in Speed Mode/Off
2. PM-Wing Anti ice - off
3. Exterior Lights-Set
4. Sliding Table-Stow
5. LDG Memo-Check no blue line
6. Flight Parameters -monitor
TDZ +1000FT (15/20)1. PM-"1,000"
2. PF-"Checked"
FMA-LAND GREEN (16/20)1. PF-"Land Green"
2. PM-"Checked"
TDZ+500FT (17/20)1. PM-"500 FT", monitor instruments and call out deviations
DH+100FT (18/20)1. PM-"One Hundred Above"
2. PF-"Checked"
Minimums (19/20)1. PM-"Minimums"
2. "Strobe lights/Approach Lights/Red Lights/Threshold" as visible
3. PF-"Continue" "Landing" or "Go Around/Flaps"
4. PM-"One Hundred Fifty"
Landing (20/20)1. PM-"Ground Spoilers, Reverse Green, DECEL, Seventy Knots"