Practice Framework Pt2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Practice frameworkofficial document from AOTA; guidelines for practice
occupation definitioneveryday life activities
5 domainperfromance skills, occupation, client factors, context/environment, performance patterns
which category of domain is the body funtion, spirituality, and beliefclient factors
culturally, personal, physical, social, temporal, virtualcontext and environment
ADL, IADl, rest, sleep, work, play, leisure, social participationoccupations
definition of client factorspecific abilites, characterstics, or beliefs that resemble the client
performance skill definitionabilities clients demonstrate in the actions they perform
performance patterns definitionpatterns of behavior; habit, routine, roles, and rituals
habitwithout thinking
routinesequence of daily life
phsycial environment definitionnatural geographic terrain
personaldemographic feature; age, gender, status, education

Section 2

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mental function examplesconsiousness, orientation, temperment& personality, energy and drive, sleep process
3 specifi OT sensory functionsvestibular, proprioceptive, tempermant and pressure sensitivitiy
social interaction skill examplestaking turns, acknowledge, gesture, approaching, disengage
OT processevaluation, intervention, outcome
another word for interventiontreatment
2 main things that happin in evaluationoccupation profile and analysis of occupational performance
history, goals, interest, concern, problems areoccupational profile
problems, skills, outcomes, issuesoccuapational performance
intervention types to usecreate, establish, modify, maintain, prevent
change your perspective; relationshiptheraputic use of self
use knowledge when talking to client; how to fix thingsconsultation

Section 3

Question Answer
Attend jobwork
cathetarbowel and bladder managemnt
playing in sand boxplay participation
cleaning prescription lenspersonal device care
looking for job in classified paperemployment seeking and acquisition
riding the busDriving and commuity mobility
getting in and out of bedfunctional mobility
using a walker to go bathroomfunctional mobility
shampooing hairbathing/showering
playing board gameplay participation
lacin shoe lacesdressing
balancing checkbookfinancial management