Practical Origins for Knee, Foot, and Ankle

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Question Answer
Head of fibula and proximal 2/3 of lateral fibulaPeroneus Longus
Distal 2/3 of lateral fibulaPeroneus Brevis
Anterior and lateral shaft of the femurVastus Intermedius
Lateral lip of linea aspera, gluteal tuberosity and greater trochanterVastus Lateralis
Medial lip of linea asperaVastus Medialis
Anterior Inferior iliac spine (AIIS)Rectus Femoris
Proximal, posterior shafts of tibia and fibula; and interosseous membraneTibialis Posterior
Lateral condyle of tibia; Proximal, lateral surface of tibia and interosseous membraneTibialis Anterior
Lateral condyle of tibia; proximal, anterior shaft of fibula and interosseous membraneExtensor Digitorum Longus
Middle anterior surface of fibula and interosseous membrane.Extensor Hallucis Longus
Middle, posterior surface of tibiaFlexor Digitorum Longus
Soleal line; proximal, posterior surface of tibia and posterior aspect of head of fibulaSoleus
Ischial tuberositySemimembranosus, Semitendinosus
Condyles of the femur, posterior surfacesGastrocnemius
Lateral condyle of the femurPopliteus

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