Power Supply Chapter 8

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What kind of voltage does a PC use?DC - Direct Current
Power companies supply what kind of voltage?AC - Alternating Current
How does the PC convert AC to DCThe Power Supply in a PC converts AC to DC

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How does the power supply connect to the power cord?Via a standard IEC-320 connector
What should be done before plugging something into an AC outletTest the outlet using a multimeter
Failure to test AC outlets can result in...Inoperable or destroyed equipment and / or electrocution
The IEC-320 has 3 holes called...Hot, Neutral and ground
What do these names describe?The function of the wires that connect to them behind the wall plate
The hot wire carries...Electrical voltage
The neutral wire carriesNo voltage - acts like a drain, completing the circuit by returning electricity to the local source
The ground wire....Makes it possible for excess electricity to return safely to the ground
What 3 things should you check for when testing AC power?The hot outputs the correct amount of voltage - the neutral connects ot the ground - the ground connects to the ground
A multimeter is also referred to as an? VOM
What is a VOM?Volt-ohm meter
What is DMM?Digital multimeter
What does a VOM or DMM do?Enables you to measure a number of different aspects of electrical current
A multimeter provides at least four major measurements - name themAC voltage - DC voltage - Continuity - Resistance
A multi meter consists of two probes - name themAn analog probe - Digital Meter

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What does a sag in voltage mean?Voltage from the power company tends to drop well below required volume
What does a surge or spike mean?Voltage from the power company shoots far above the required volume
What happens to the PC when a sag occurs?A strong sag will shut off or reboot the PC
What happens to the PC when a surge or spike occurs?A surge or spike can destroy components in a PC
What should every PC use to absorb surges or spikes?A surge suppressor
What does a surge suppressor do?Absorbs the extra voltage from a surge to protect the PC
Which component of the PC can suppress the surges?The power supply
What happens to the power supply after it has absorbed many surges?It can fail
What should you get to protect your power supply?A dedicated surge suppressor
What does a dedicated surge suppressor do?It works between the power supply and the outlet to protect the system from power surges
What is a joule?A joule is a unit of electrical energy
What are joules used for?A joule is used to describe how much energy a surge suppressor can handle before it fails
What is the agreed rate of joulesA minimum of 800 joules
What other devices can a surge effect?Telephone and cable connectors

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What does UPS mean?Uninterruptible power supply
What does a UPS do?Protects the computer in the event of a power sag or power outage
A UPS usually contains...A big battery that will provide AC power to the PC regardless of the power coming from the AC outlet
A UPS is measured in 2 ways - name themWatts (the true amount of power they supply in the event of a power outage) - VA
What is a VAVolt Amp
Describe what the VA doesVolt amp is the amount of power the UPS could supply if the devices took power from the UPS in a perfect way

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What is the most common size of a power supply?150mm x 140mm x 86mm desktop PSU
What kind of standard connectors does the power supply come with?Connectors for the motherboard and interior devices

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What kind of power connector does a motherboard use?20pin or 24pin P1 power connector
Some motherboards require special pins for extra power, name the pin sizes4pin, 6pin and 8 pin connectors

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