Potential APUSH UNIT 1 Questions

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Why were the pilgrims known as seperatists?They broke all ties with the Church of England
How did Jamestown survive as the first permanent British Settlement?emergence of tobacco as a cash crop
Why is Roger Williams so significant in American History?An early champion of religious freedom
What was James Oglethorpe's primary purpose in founding Georgia?
Most of the slaves that came to the 13 colonies were treated and could be used as collateral for loans
The Mayflower Compact could best be described as for self government
How were New England and the West Indies connected?interdependent because the sugar island needed lumber and the sugar island purchased New England's surpluses
What is a proprietary colony?colony like new jersey that was privately owned estate
What was the English settler's attitude towards the Indians and their way of life?They assumed the Indians to be their inferiors and showed little respect for Indian Society
Indentured servants were important to the development of Chesapeake becausee they...provided cheap and abundant source of labor for tobacco planters.


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How did the New England settlers differ from Chesapeake's? the lived in tightly clustered communities, also migrated in families
What was the Great Migration?settlement of the Puritans in Massachusetts Bay and other colonies
Why were the new england colonies more successful than chesapeakes?family units, lower death rate, more balanced gender ratio, and population increased faster causeing stable communities
What was William Penn's primary purpose in founding Pennsylvania?provide a refuge for persecuted Quakers
Which colony required each commmunity >50 to have a teacher?Bible Commonwealth, Massachusetts Bay Colony
How were the House of Burgesses and the New England town meetings related?both colonial participation in government
How was a man's right to vote for governor voted on in massachusetts?participation in church
What was the headright system?gave 50 acres of land to anyone who would transport an indentured servant to the colony
WHy was roger williams banished?believed that king of england had no right to give away Indian land


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The founder of the Massachusetts Bay colony did not believe thatchurch of england became so corrupt all christians were obliged to seperate from it
How did the Virginia COmpany attract new settlers to its colony after 1609?promising free land at the end of 7 years of labor
Jamestown's relationship with the Indians was...poor
Why was the Mayflower COmpact significant in American political thought?people agreed to be bound by will of the majority
Anne Hutchison was banished because she believed that peoplecould talk directly to god
What did the Maryland Toleration Act of `1649 do?tolerance for most christian churches
Why was the half way covenant adopted?second or third generation puritans couldn't testify about their conversion experiences
What was life like in CHesapeake?very few women, so they were givena larger status bc their scarcity
What was a result of the cultivation of tobacco in Virginia?scattered pattern of settlement in the colony
What is the chief significance of the Great Awakening?first genuine unified movement of American colonists


Question Answer
Quakersbelieved in Inner light that brought them close to God, religious equality radical protestants
ProprietorProminent Englishman to whom the king granted vast areas of land in North America
Headright Systempromise of 50 acres of land to any settler who brought an indentured servant
John Rolfereason for tobacco growth in Jamestown
Puritanswanted to reform Church of England and English society, wanted to be a model for rest of Europe
Roger Williamsbanished from Mass. Bay colony for saying governemnt had no authority over personal opinions, founded rhode island as a colony for religious freedom
William Pennfounded the "Holy Experiment", Pennsylvania
PilgrimsSeparatists who wanted to separate from the Anglican Church. They settled in Plymouth, Mass.
Indentured Servantsgave up cheap labor for room and board
John Smithsaved Jamestown by instituting military discipline in colonists
Half-way covenantPuritans way of counteracting declining membership
Increase Matherstopped the Salem Witch Trials
Jonathan Edwardsleader of first Great awakening
Act of Tolerationallowd freedom of all christians in maryland for worship
John WInthropled 1000 puritans and was elected as first governor of Mass Baycolony
Nathaniel Baconled rebellion in Virginia against William Berkeley
James Oglethorpefounded Georgia and was humanitiarian
John Peter Zengerattacked royal governor through newspaper, proven not guilty of libel
Jacob Leislerled an uprising in New York against Anglo Dutch