Postural Drainage Positioning

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Question Answer
upper lobe; apical segmenttable flat, patient seated, leaning back at 30deg; percuss over area between clavicle and scapula
upper lobe; posterior segmenttable flat; patient seated, leaning forward over pillow at 30deg; percuss over upper back
upper lobe; anterior segmenttable flat; patient supine with pillow under knees; percuss between clavicle and nipple
right middle lobefoot of table elevated 16in; knees flexed, patient head down on left side (1/4 turn); pillow holding between shoulders and knees; percuss over right nipple area
left lingulafoot of table elevated 16in; patient head down on right side (1/4 turn); percuss over left nipple
lower lobe; anterior basal segmentsfoot of table elevated 20in; patient lays on opposite side, head down; percuss over lower ribs
lower lobe; lateral basal segmentsfoot of table elevated 20 in; patient lies on abdomen, 1/4 turn upward; upper leg flexed; percuss over upper portion of lower ribs
lower lobe; posterior basal segmentfoot of table elevated 20 in; patient lies on abdomen, pillow under hips; percuss over lower ribs, close to spine
lower lobe; superior segmenttable flat; prone with 2 pillows under hips; percuss over tip of scapula
duration of procedureup to 20 minutes, observe for signs of intolerance