Postpartum 6

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What is the normal head circumference?32-37cm 2cm bigger than chest
When does the posterior fontanelle close? anterior fontanelle?8-12 weeks pp. 12-18 months
What is Erb's palsy?When the arms don't move symmetrically (this could also be from brachial plexus injury)
What do the legs of a newborn usually look like in position?Slightly bowed and flexed
In Ortolani, how are the thighs moved?The thighs are abducted.
How can you tell the difference between a Mongolian spot or a bruise?Bruise will blanche
What are the 2 things that happen when the umbilical cord is clamped?Increased vascular resistance and increased aortic blood pressure
Expansion of the lungs with the first breath does what to the cardiovascular system?Increases pulmonary blood flow and decreases pulmonary vascular resistance
When does the foramen ovale close?Functionally closes withing 1-2 hours. Anatomically closes within a few weeks to a year
When does the ductus venosus close?When the umbilical cord is clamped.
When is the first period of reactivity and what are the behaviors of the baby?30-60 minutes after delivery. Baby is wide awake, alert. Perfect time to bond and feed.
What is the main symptom of transient tachypnea?fluid is removed too slowly or incompletely (e.g., with decreased thoracic squeezing during birth or diminished respiratory effort), transient tachypnea (respiratory rate above 60 breaths per minute) of the newborn occurs.
What is the average newborn temp?97.9° to 99.7°F (36.6° to 37.6°C)
What is the initial method for maintaining newborn body temperature?skin-to-skin contact with their mothers
How many voidings a day should a newborn have?6-8
Which Immunoglobulin passes the placenta?IgG
Which Immunoglobulin is in breast milk? Which one is believed to protect mucous membranes from viruses and bacteria?GAME. IgA.
What is Period of Decreased Responsiveness?At 30 to 120 minutes of age, the newborn enters the second stage of transition—that of the sleep period or a decrease in activity. Movements are less jerky and less frequent. Heart and respiratory rates decline as the newborn enters the sleep phase. The muscles become relaxed, and responsiveness to outside stimuli diminishes.
What is Second Period of Reactivity?The second period of reactivity begins as the newborn awakens and shows an interest in environmental stimuli. This period lasts 2 to 8 hours in the normal newborn. Heart and respiratory rates increase. Peristalsis also increases. Interaction between the mother and the newborn during this second period of reactivity is encouraged if the mother has rested and desires it. This period also provides a good opportunity for the parents to examine their newborn and ask questions.Teaching about feeding, positioning for feeding, and diaper-changing techniques can be reinforced during this time.
What could be a sign of cystic fibrosis?No stool within 24 hours of life.
When are the nephrons of GU system fully functioning?34-36 weeks
What is plethora? Ruddy appearance even at rest. HCT> 65%
How long is formula good for- p baby has sucked the bottle? prepared- fridge? room temp? warmed?Sucked off the bottle- 1hr; prepared- fridge-1 day, room temp- 2 hours, warmed- 1 hour
How much weight should a newborn gain per week? When should they double their weight by? triple?4-8 ounces. double by 5-6 months, triple by a year
What is a late preterm baby? 7 common complications. What needs to be done before they leave hosp?born between 34 weeks and 36 6/7 weeks of gestation. cold stress, respiratory distress, hypoglycemia, sepsis, cognitive delays, hyperbilirubinemia, and feeding difficulties. Car seat check
What is a term baby?38 through 41 completed weeks of gestation
What are 10 physical characteristics of post term babies?1. Dry, cracked, peeling, wrinkled skin 2. Vernix caseosa and lanugo are absent. 3. Long, thin extremities 4. Creases that cover the entire soles of the feet 5. Wide-eyed, alert expression 6. Abundant hair on scalp 7. Thin umbilical cord 8. Long fingernails 9. Limited vernix and lanugo. 10. Meconium-stained skin and fingernails
What does nitric oxide do?A gas that causes pulmonary vasodilation- improves oxygenation
What are 3 things to remember about position change in a preterm baby?It helps drain the air passageways. Prevents stasis of secretions. Prone HOB >30 degrees

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