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What does Oxytocin do?Rhythmic uterine contractions, Administer after delivery of placenta or anterior shoulder.
What does methylergonovine do? side effectsSustained uterine contractions that help to prevent or reverse PPH: manage subinvolution. Do not give if HTN. May cause HTN, dizziness, and HA
What is prostaglandin (Hemabate)? side effectsUsed after failed attempts with other uterine stimulants. Do not use if asthma. S/E diarrhea, N/V HA
What is misoprostol (Sytotec)? Side effectsUterine contractions. SE Fever n/v, diarrhea, pain
What kind of behaviors for pp psychosis?Agitation, irritability, rapidly shifting moods, disorientation, disorganized behavior, sometime delusions, and hallucinations
What changes PP for the urinary system?increased urine output 12-24h, increased GFR, and full bladder displaces the uterus
What hormones drop after pregnancy?Estrogen and progesterone drop p delivery of placenta. HPL is gone.
What are the hormones for lactating?Oxytocin stimulates prolactin. Prolactin stimulates milk production and let down. Fore milk is blue and Hind milk is white
How do you score the APGAR for HR RR reflexes, muscle tone and color0 for absent or pale for all. HR: 1 - < 100, 2 >100; RR: 1- irregular/weak, 2- strong cry: reflexes: 1- grimaces, weak cry to stimulation, 2- cries/pulls away to stimulation; Muscle Tone: 1- limited movement of extremities, 2- moves all extremities spontaneously; Color: 1- extremities blue/ body pink, 2- pink body/extremities
What is the taking in phase?24-48 h Woman is preoccupied with her own needs. Passive and dependent. Reexplore birth step by step.
What is taking hold phase? day 2-3. very independent. obsessed with her body functions. Be thorough with them and praise them.
What is the letting go phase?10 days to 6 weeks. Letting go of preconceived ideas. grieving the loss of what your life was prior. This phase may be prolonged if mother has depression.
What is the trigger for the dad bonding?Watching and be a part of the birth.
What causes the first respiration?1st breath forces remaining fluid out of alveoli allowing air to enter the lungs. Requires much larger negative pressure. Initiated by factors that stimulate the resp ctr in the medula. Chemical: hypoxia; PO2; pH; PCO2. Mechanical: Fetal chest compressed by birth canal recoils. Thermal: temp change stimulates receptors in skin. Sensory: Tactile stimuli during birth, stimulated by sound, light, smell, and pain.
When does PP blues happen and what should the nurse do?2-3 days pp maybe into the first couple weeks. Assess for it & discuss it so it doesn't progress into PP depression. usually resolves on own.
What are the clinical manifestations of reproductive tract infections?Temperature, abnormal lochia, pain, tenderness
When does pp blues usually resolve?2 weeks pp
When can pp depression occur?anytime within first year usually within first month
What are the symptoms of pp depression?lack of interest in normal activities, obsessive thoughts with infant, feelings of inadequacy as a person/parent, appetite changes
Which thrombosis may develop with an infection of the reproductive tract? What symptoms and when do they appear?Septic vein thrombosis. Abd/flank pain usually 2-3 days pp
S/S of PE? when is the dx usually madedyspnea, chest pain. during autopsy
Who is at a higher risk of Deep vein thrombosis?Hx of thrombosis, obstetric complications (hydramnios, preeclampsia, & operative birth)
When is pp psychosis usually dx? What increases the risk of developing PP psychosis?first 3 months pp. Risk: HX of bipolar, obsessive personality, lack of support, family hx of mood disorders.
Symptoms of pp psychosis?Agitation, hyperactivity, poor judgement, delusions, hallucination
What is the tx for pp psychosis?Hospitalization, antipsychotic meds, electroconvulsive therapy

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