Posterior splint

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what would u use for edemarobert jones compression dressing
what would u use for fracture blistersadaptic or silvadene
unna boot indicationsulcers, lymphedema, sprains
T or F the unna boot has antibacterial propertiesF
how often do u change unna bootweekly
unna boot gauze dressing is filled withzinc paste
unna boot materialsunna boot, 4" coban, abdominal pad for excess swelling
Unna boot applicationstart at level of MPJ (foot 90 deg) stop just below tibial tuberosity 2. apply cuban at same level of ulna boot(make sure there is no tension)
what should u do if you have significant swelling when applying ulna bootfold over/pleat the ulna boot every few wraps as going up leg
what labs do u check if you suspect blood lossHct 35-45% 40-50 F hemoglobin 12-15 14-17g/dL
how much blood can a ray tech hold10-20mL
how much blood can a 4x4 sponge hold10 mL
how much blood can a 18 in x 18 in lap sponge hold100 mL
average adult has how many L of blood5
how do u measure the estimated blood volume for a 200 pound manwt(kg) x average blood volume man-75ml/kg W-65ml/kg
how do u tell how much blood was absorbed on a spongewet sponge(g)-dry sponge(g)=amount of blood absorbed(g) can convert this number to mL
what do u need to do before u transfuse a ptget their type and screen, and type and cross
universal recipientAB
when would you transfuse a patientif they show symptoms of anemia (fatigue, tachycardia, pale skin, weakness, light headedness) or if blood loss is <20%
what are some complications of transfusions?non infectious could have volume overload or allergic run, infectious dz such as HIV, Hep C, Hep B, or bacteria
what is hemostasisprocess that stops blood
what type of questions would u ask a pt who u suspect would have complications with hemostasisdo u bruise easily? do you have problems bleeding during surgery? do u have freq nose bleeds
medial scenarios that can impact hemostasisanticoagulation therapy, coagulopathy, NSAIDs, chronic liver dz, alcohol use
a hemoglobin of ? is considered safe in pts, even if they have cardiac issues7 or >
when would u cancel surgeryplatelet count <100,000 INR is >2.0, H/H <6/8
what type of pts would have limited capacity to compensate for loss of oxygen deliveryCHF, low cardiac output, PAD puts, h/o MI, chronic pulmonary dz
what are common blood transfusion productspacked red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelets
what happens to the body with acute blood lossfluid shifts to incr plasma vol, incr cardiac output(HR incr/tachycarida, cardiac SV incr) vasoconstriciton of tissues shunts blood to core
what would u use to correct deficiencies of multiple coagulation factors such as warfarin or coumadin overdoseFFP
what lab value does FFP effect?reduces INR levels(INR measures extrinsic pathway)
what pathway in the clotting cascade does coumadin impactextrinsic
what are vit K dependent clotting factors2,7,9,10
what would u give a pt who you suspect would get a fever during a transfusionacetamminophen
what would u give a pt who you suspect would get a Hives or itchingdiphenhydramine
what would u give a CHF pt before transfusionLasix to prevent fluid volume overload
to achieve hemostasis for minor non-pulsatile(non pulsing)"oozing" bleeding what would u doelevate foot, electric cautery, topical thrombin, topical epinephrine(lido with epi)
to achieve hemostasis for active, but non pulsatile bleeding what would u do topical thrombin with direct pressure, 5 min elevation, electric cautery, gel foam surgicel
to achieve hemostasis for active,pulsatile bleedinghand tie! stick tie, vascular clip
1 unit of platelet transfusion will bring platelet count up to 5,000-8,000
what transfusion product contains coagulation factorsplatelets
what transfusion product would u use for blood loss/anemiaPRBC
PRBC pros and conspros-less likely to cause vol overload as compared to whole blood, slow-takes about 4hrs to transfuse 1 unit
what does PRBC do to the blood cellsraises Hb 1g/dL and Hct 3%
when do we care about hemostasis perioperative, intraoperative, postoperative
why do we care about hemostasisacute blood loss can result in hypovolemic shock, hematoma can cause infection, incr scar tissue, and incr swelling and pain
T or F testing is not needed unless specific indications to suspect problems in pt's hxT
if you suspect problems in pt hz(nose bleeds, pregnancy lost, etc) what tests would u orderPT, INR, PTT, AST, ALT, CBC
what sponge has a line down the middleray tech
which sponge has pic with package4x4 sponge
which sponge as blue band on top18in x18in lap
if hemoglobin is ? you should always transfuse<7
pt is anemic what do u give themFresh frozen blood cells or packed red blood cells
what is cross matchsuspect blood loss, have blood available before procedure or during procedure
what needs to happen in order to do a transfusiontype and screen or cross match
when would u give FFpcoudamin reversal
when do u give whole bloodnever
what do u need to give with VIT KFFP
what 3 things can hematoma causeinfection, scar tissue, pain(caused by swelling)
what tests would u order if pt has hx of alcohol abuseALT, AST
broad spectrum antibioticzosyn
what does zosyn not cover? Mursa so put pt on vanco along with zosyn
T or F pt should stop taking ibuprofen 24 hrs before surgeryF, 3 days
what pts should u be worried about most when giving transfusionpts with cardiac problems

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Dark pic of cystFluid filled US
Pulsating/wound blood coming out of abdominal aorta how would u fix ithand tie
if u see parallel lines on US is this a tear or no tear?
wound vac is placed under what type of caststotal contact cast or short leg cast