Posterior & Lateral Hip

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Gluteus MaximusAction- extends hipOrigin- Illium, scarum, and coccyxInsertion- Linea aspera of femur, lateral condyle of tibia via iliotibial band
Gluteus MediusAction- abducts hipOrigin- IlliumInsertion- greater trochanter of femur
Gluteus MinimusAction- abducts hipOrigin- IliumInsertion- greater trochanter of femur
Tensor Fasciae LataeAction- abducts hipOrigin- Iliac crest and anterior superior iliac spine of iliumInsertion- lateral condyle of the tibia via iliotibial band
PiriformisAction- laterally rotates hipOrigin- sacrumInsertion- greater trochanter of femur
Superior GemellusAction- laterally rotates hipOrigin- Ischial spineInsertion- greater trochanter of femur
Obturator InternusAction- laterally rotates hipOrigin- internal surface of the Obturator foramen membraneInsertion- ishial tuberosity of ischium
Inferior GemellusAction- laterally rotates hipOrigin- Ischial tuberosityInsertion- greater trochanter of femur
Quadratus FemorisAction- laterally rotates hipOrigin- Ischial tuberosityInsertion- intertrochanteric crest of femur
Obturator ExternusAction- laterally rotates hipOrigin- external surface of the obturator foramen membraneInsertion- greater trochanter of femur

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