Posterior Abdomen

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characteristics that distinguish a lumbar vertebrano transverse foramen, no facets on side of body, large triangular foramen, thick broad spinous process
movements possible in the lumbar regionflexion, extension, lateral flexion
which vertebrae do right crura attach toanterior surfaces of bodies of L1-L3
which vertebrae do left crura attach to anterior surfaces of bodies of L1-L2
which structures pass through the aortic hiatusaorta, azygos vein, hemiazygos vein, thoracic duct
superior attachment of psoas musclelateral surfaces of T12-L5
inferior attachment of psoas musclelesser trochanter of femur
action of psoas muscleflexion in hip joint
innervation of psoas musclelumbar plexus from L1-L3
superior attachment of iliacusupper 2 thirds of iliac fossa
inferior attachment of iliacusbase of lesser trochanter of femur
action of iliacusflex and laterally rotate thigh
innervation of iliacusfemoral nerve
superior attachment of quadratus lumborumlast rib and transverse processes of L3-L5
inferior attachment of quadratus lumborumiliac crest
action of quadratus lumborumlateral flexion of vertebral column, depression of thoracic rib cage
innervation of quadratus lumborumT12-L4
which vertebral level does the abdominal aorta begin?T12
which vertebral level does the abdominal aorta bifurcate?L4
anterior relations of abdominal aortalesser omentum + stomach
posterior relations of abdominal aortaanterior longitudinal ligaments, left lumbar veins
left relations of abdominal aortaleft crus, left celiac ganglion, ascending part of duodenum, coils of small intestine
right relations of abdominal aortaright crus, azygos vein, cisterna chyli, thoracic duct
what are the 3 paired visceral branches of the abdominal aorta?middle adrenal, renal, gonadal
what are the 3 unpaired visceral branches of the abdominal aorta?coeliac, superior mesenteric, inferior mesenteric
what level does the coeliac artery arise from?upper L1
what level does the superior mesenteric artery arise from?lower L1
what level does the inferior mesenteric artery arise from?L3
What level do the renal arteries arise from?L1/L2
Where level does the IVC arise from?L5
Which spinal segment does the subcostal nerve arise from?T12
What does the subcostal nerve supply?Pyradmidalis and skin over the hip
Which level do the parasympathetic pelvic splanchnic nerves arise from?S2-S4

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