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Hormone sensitive lipase does what?Lipid mobilization. TAGs into free fatty acids. Active when phosphorylated.
beta oxidation of FAs takes place in themitochondria
fatty acid is activated to fatty acyl CoA viafatty acyl CoA synthetase (thiokinase) - needs 2 ATP
CPT-I is inhibited bymalonyl CoA (FA synthesis is active)
beta oxidation acronymFEHK & fatty acyl CoA and ACoA
substrate for ketogenesisacetyl CoA
beta oxidation is part of gluconeogenesis
acronym for oxidation of odd chain FA'sPMS
does brain do beta oxidation or use FA's?no
omega oxidation takes place in the ER (forms dicarboxylic acids)
ketone bodies are formed in the liver (peripheral tissues cannot form)
AcoA can be turned intoketone bodies (recvonverted to ACoA in peripheral tissues)
ketogenesis occursonly in liver mitos
ketogenesis mnemonicfat asses are hot as hell
Key enzyme for ketogenesisHMG CoA Synthase
Rate limiting enzyme of cholesterol synthesisHMG CoA reductase (makes mevalonate using two NADPH)
cholesterol synthesis occurs in thecytoplasm (cytosol and ER)
cholesterol is synthesized frommevalonate
HMG CoA Reductase (cholesterol synth) is activated whenDEphosphorylated
Protein Kinase A (PKA) activatesStAR and cholesterol esterase (cortisol synthesis)
GAGs are synthesized inER and Golgi
used for the synthesis of hemeglycine
Fatty acid elongation occurs in theSER (smooth endoplasmic reticulum)
Desaturation of FAs is performed in theSER
Arachidonic acid20:4 omega-6 (formed from linoleic acid)
Where is HSL foundin adipose tissue (NOT the liver)
Heme synthesis starts withsuccinyl CoA and glycine (in mitos)
MCAD deficiency isautosomal recessive
Effect of low cholesterol on HMG CoA Reductaserelease of SREBP from ER --> binds to SRE on HMG Coa reductase gene --> incr transcription
Intestinal mucosal cells take up glucose viaSGLT-1 (fructose via GLUT 5 -->both are released to portal vein via GLUT-2)
Cortisol inducesPEP carboxykinase (for gluconeogenesis)
Macrocytic anemiadue to reduced cell devision
microcytic anemiareduced heme synthesis/lead poisoning
corn is deficient inniacin and tryptophan (can lead to pellegra - skin damage)
Enzyme for ketone utilization not present in liverAcetoacetate CoA transferase (Thiophorase)
In steroid synthesis, cholesterol first goes topregnenolone (in mitos)
Decarboxylases require which cofactor?PLP (Vit B6)
Carboxylases require which cofactor?Biotin

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