Positioning and biomechanics

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The side closest to the film will designate the name of thatoblique
projection vs viewprojection by the way the beam enters/exits a part VIEW IS NOT A POSITIONING TERM! View is the opposite of projection.
in non weight bearing what is the tube angle0
lateral oblique projection degrees of tube and where is it positioned?40 deg btw 3rd and 5th met bases
medial oblique projection degrees of tube and where is it positioned?25 deg btw navicular and 1st met
what is the measurement for the metatarsal break angle?142.5
what is the greater tarsal axisline across the distal lateral aspect of the calcaneus. It compares the rearfoot axes to midfoot and forefoot
simmons anglerelationship btw 1st met and talus on an AP projection
meary's anglerelationship btw 1st met and talus on lateral projection
total adductory anglefirst metatarsal angle + metatarsal adducts angle
ankle recurvatum vs procurvatumrecurtatum-posteriorly angulated ankle jt, leads to incr in shear forces, ankle procurvatum-anteriorly angulated ankle jt, leads to anterior impingement
for a bunion would IM angle get bigger or smallerbigger bc sesamoid inside-push met out
metatarsal axisbisection of 2nd metatarsal
metatarsal axis is definer forpolymetatarsia
metatarsus angleangle btw metatarsal axis and lesser tarsal axis
kite's angletalocalcaneal angle
talocalcaneal anglelongitudinal axis across talus and longitudinal axis across calcaneus
prime evaluator of pronator and supinatorstalocalcaneal angle
what angle reveals the transverse plane angular relationship between the first metatarsal and neck of talustalometatarsus angle(longitudinal line across talus and first met axis)
subtalar jt supinationtalar declination angle dec, calcaneal inclination angle incr, talocalcaneal angle decr, cya line post, sinus tarsi accentuated or bullet hole
know TASnot sure
cuneometatarsus angleline btw 1st met and 1st cuneiform, 2nd met and 2nd fun, 3rd met and 3rd cute etc
metatarsus primus elevatuselevation of 1st metatarsal relative to 2nd metatarsal

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