Portuguese verbs followed by an infinitive (i.e no preposition)

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Modal Verbs: conseguirto manage to, to succed in (i.e riuscire)
devermust/have to/ should/ to be due to
poderto be able to
quererto want to
saberto know how to
precisar (+verb)to need to (i.e preciso ficar a casa...BUT...preciso de alguma coisa)
ter queto have to

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Impersonal Expressions: convemit is appropriate to
vale a pena ait is worth
nao adiantathere is no use/ no point in

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ameacarto threaten to
buscarto seek to/ to look to
costumarto be in the habit of
decidirto decide to
desejarto wish to
detestarto hate to
esperarto hope to
evitarto avoid doing
lamentarto regret
odiarto hate
ousarto dare to
preferirto prefer to
procurarto try to/ to seek to
prometerto promise to
resolverto decide to
sentir to be sorry to
tentarto try to