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messed up enzyme in sideroblastic anemiaALA acid synthase RATE LIMITING STEP IN HEME SYNTHESIS
messed up step in lead poisoning ALA acid dehydratase and ferrochetalase
messed up step in acute intermittent porphyriaporphobilinogen deaminase
messed up step in porphyria tardaurophyrinogen decarboxylase
accumulated substances in lead poisonings-amino acid and protoporyphrins
accumulated substances in acute intermittent porphyriaporphobilinogen
accumulated substances in sideroblastic anemiaglycine and succinyl CoA
accumulated substance in porphyria cutanea tardauroporhyrinogen (tea colored urine)
symptoms of lead poisoningencephalopathy, memory loss, delirium, mental deterioration
symptoms of acute intermittent porphyria5PS (painful abdomen, port wine urine, polyneuropathy, psychological disturbances, precipitated by drugs)
symptoms of porphyria cutanea tardablistering cutaneous photosensitivity or in other words blisters with sun exposure. Increases LFTS. Hypertrichosis
rapid improvement of symptoms in AIP repress what enzymeALA synthase
rapid acceleration of symptoms in AIP stimulate ALA synthase alcohol, barbs, hypoxia

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