Pompey Timeline

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83Pompey recruits forces to help Sulla - 23 years old; defeats the Marians in the north
82Military command against the remainder of the Marian troops in Sicily
80Military command against Marians Africa. Celebrates a triumph, although not a Senator
78Appointed by Senate to the command against Lepidus
77Appointed by Senate to the command in Spain against Sertorius, with proconsular power
76In Spain
75In Spain; suffers a number of setbacks at hands of Sertorius
72Sertorius murdered by one of his own lieutenants(Perpena); war brought to an end by Pompey
71Returns from Spain and rounds up the remnants of the slave revolt led by Spartacus; celebrates his second triumph
70Joint consulship with Crassus (Pompey ineligible according to Sullan constitution); full powers restored to tribunes

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69Does not take up provincial command after consulship; retires to private life to await worthwhile command
67Lex Gabinia; is given great powers by assembly to suppress widespread piracy in Medi
66Lex Manilia; appointed to eastern command against the Mithridates - enormous powers
63Defeats Mithridates
62Returns to Italy; disbands army
61Rebuffed by the Senate; attempts to get land for veterans and to get eastern arrangement ratified are blocked
60Secret agreement between Pompey, Crassus and Caesar to work for their own ends - referred to as the First Triumvirate
59Uses veterans to help Caesar, as consul, get land for veterans and ratification of eastern settlement
58Clodius' tribunate - Pompey does not prevent Cicero's exile
57Attacked by Clodius. Urges Cicero's recall. Granted a five year imperium as Curator of the Grain Supply
56Disunity between Pompey and Crassus - Caesar in Gaul. Meets Caesar at Luca - renews coalition
55Second joint consulship with Crassus - agreement to extend Caesar's command in Gaul
54Awarded command of Spain for five years - remains in Italy raising troops. Violence in Rome; death of Julia, his wife and Caesar's daughter
53Anarchy in Rome; breakdown of triumvirate with Crassus' death

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52Anarchy in Rome due to gang warfare; appointed sole Consul to restore order
51Strengthens position in relation to Caesar; optimates hope to recall Caesar from Gaul to prosecute him; not committed
50Sides with optimates against Caesar
49Given command of republican forces when Caesar crosses Rubicon - civil war began on the night of the 10th to 11th Jan. Pompey crosses to Greece with troops
48Defeated by Caesar at Pharsalus - flees to Egypt, where he is murdered