Pompey career timeline

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76BCPompey begins campaign in spain
71BCPompey gains control on Spain and is given tribute for his work
70BCPompeys first consulship with crassus
67BCLex Gabinia- Gabinius, tribune gave Pompey extraordinary power over the mediteranean to fight the pirates
65BCPompey defeats Mithradates
63BCPompey conquers the east
60BCFormation of the fist Triumvirate- Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey
59BCPompey marries Caesars daughter Julia
58BCPompey in charge of the grain
57BChelps Cicero return from exile; tension in triumvirate as pompey and milo were against crassus and clodius in gang warfare and caesar was becoming increasingly popular
56BCConference of Luca- Pompey and Crassus for second consulship, Caesar to remain in Gaul, Cicero writes palinode
54BCPomepys wife Julia dies
52BCPompey marries matella, daughter of Scipio (an enemy of Caesar's)
52BCClodius murdered, senate house goes up in flames, Pompey given supreme powers to diffuse situation, is given sole consulship for the year
51BCPompey refuses to give Caesar consulship while he is in absentia, demands he return to Rome where senate are waiting to prosecute him
49BCCaesar crosses the Rubicon; Pompey leaves for Greece
48BCPompey is defeated at battle of Pharsulus, runs to allies in Egypt and is killed there by Ptolemy