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Human Nature according to the liberalRational Individual - Self Interested - Competitive - Acquisitive
The Evolutions of LiberalismClassic - Social - Neo
Classic liberalism - 3 main dudes and ideasHobbes (Leviathan) - Lock (2 treaties govn) - Miller(liberty)
Kant’s Perpetual PeaceIndividual consciousness - republican constituitionalism - ederal contract between states to abolish war
BenthamFederal state; transform identity based on conflicting interests to peaceful federation
Who promoted Republican libKant and Bentham
Liberal Internationalism: Two StreamsRepublican and commercial
“Commercial Liberalism”Smith and Cobden
Smith - CLInvisible hand
Cobden - CLapostle of free trade; maintain peace, spread commerce and diffuse education
Human Nature according to the socialistssocial and communal
Types of production Social and material
How does the bourgeoisie maintain control despite being outnumbered? i) Controls the institutions of coercion ii) Manages the “ideological superstructure”
How o destroy capitalism? Break false consciousness - Eliminate classes
The Revolutionary Sequence Econ crisis - Immiseration of Proletariat - Revolutionary Class Consciousness - Seizure of State Power - Dictatorship of the Proletariat - Withering of the State - Communism
Human Nature according to the conservativesFallible - Flaws - Reason doesn't prevail - Misguided
Classical conservativesTradition - Institutions - Elites - Church - Family - Hierarchical Society
Neo-conservativesReduce welfare state - Value market mechanism - Social/moral issues addressed by state

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1st point of econInternationalization of trade and finance; stegar: Remove Barriers - Liberalize finance – via technology; H&S: Capital flow - Investments across nations; Joint ventures
2nd EconPower of TNC; stegar: determine trade flow, location and control of activity; H&S: changing nature of global production
3rd EconEnhanced role of international economic institution; IMF, WB, WTO - Structural adjustment - Wwashington census
Explain washington censusfiscal discipline; curbed budget - Reduce public expantdeture - Tax reform; broad base and effective enforecement


-- New social networks and multiply existing ones; cutting geographical boundaries of politics, economy and culture
- Expansion of social relations
- Accelerating social exchange
- Macro vs. micro

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intro of Pols2 polls; Irrelevant state vs. Nation-state primacy
1st point of polsHyperglobalizers; Stegar: Interdependent nation policy objectives; H&S; Deminishes state capacity & no independent decision
2nd point of PolsSceptics; Stegar: Govts make decisions to make economies more/less attractive - State controls education, infrastructure &Immigration - States change but don’t disappear; H&S: International systems and non state actors

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1st point of cultureSameness; universal homogeny - no authentic identity
2nd point of cultureDifference; Transfer - proliferation of ideas
2rd pointHybrid culture interactions; enhanced diversity - cultural vibrancy