Polity Part 1 - Parliament

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Section 1

Question Answer Column 3
Sanshad K partsLok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and President?
Upper HouseRajya Sabha?
Lower HouseLok Sabha?
House of PeopleLok Sabha 1954?
Sanshad or Parliament is defined in Art.79?
Rajya Sabha defined in Art.80?
Lok Sabha defined in Art.81?
Who call session of ParliamentPresident?
Who head session called by presidentLok Sabha Adhayax?

Section 2

Question Answer Column 3
Time for Lok Sabha Members5 year?
Minimum age for Lok Sabha member25 Year?
Who elected Lok Sabha membersPeople Of India?
Maximum Seats of Lok Sabha552 - 2 anglo india - 20 union terriotries -530 states?
Current Seats of Lok Sabha545 - 2 anglo india - 13 union terriotries - 530 states?
Maximum Lok Sabha members elected by people of India543?
Mantri PrishadCouncil of Ministers?
Council of Ministers or Mantri PrishadCabinet or Union Minister - Minister of State Rajya Mantri - ?