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idea of consti ass first putforth in1934 MN Roy
inc demanded consti ass first time1935
consti ass demand acceptedaugust offer
consti ass formulated in nov 1946
total membership of consti ass 389 ( 296+93)

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Ist meeting9 dec 46
president of consti ass on 9 decsachidananda sinha
president of consti ass on 11 decrajendra pd
vice president of consti ass on 11 decs c mukharjee
objective resso13 dec 46
2 functions of consti ass after IIA47making of consti, making of the laws till 26 nov 1949

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consti body chaired byrajendra pd
legislative bodyg v mavlankar
ratification of commonwealth membershipmay 1949
national flag adopted in22 july 47
national song and national antam adopted on24 jan 50

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total sessions of consti ass11, 2---11--18
expenditure on sessions of consti ass64 lakh
first gen elections1951-52
union consti committee headj l nehru
provincial committee headpatel
fundamental committee on fundamental rights, minority and tribespatel

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fundamental rights sub committeej b kirpalani
steering committeerajendra pd
drafting committee membersgopalswami, krishna swami, k m munshi, sadulla, rao (b l mitter), krisnamachari( khetan)
time taken bu drafting committee6 months
constitution adoped on 26 nov 1949
constitution commencement date26 jan 1950

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poorna swaraj day was celebrated on 26 jan 1930
largest members of this state in consti assunited proviences,,,,55
declaration of atlee on 20 feb 1947
declared date of end of british rule30 june 1948
partition plan3 june 1947

Section 7

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first cabinet of free india j l nehrupm, ext aff, scientific research
first cabinet of free india patelhome, info and brod
first cabinet of free india rajendra pdfood and agri
first cabinet of free india abul kalam azadeducation
first cabinet of free india mathairail, transport
first cabinet of free india chettifinance

Section 8

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first cabinet of free india baldev singhdefence
first cabinet of free india amrit kaurhealth
first cabinet of free india c h bhabhacommerce
first cabinet of free india ambedkarlaw
first cabinet of free india jagjivan ramlabour

Section 9

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original article395
part22 now 25
schedule8 now 12
mini consti42nd amd act 1976
keshav nandan bharti case1973....basic structure
article 368 amendment typesspecial majority type 1 and type 2
special majority type 12/3 of members voting and more than 50% of total menbers
special majority type 2special majority 1 plus ratification by half of the total states

Section 10

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articles not suspended during emergency20, 21
21protection of life and personal liberty
20protection in respect of conviction of offences
dir princi of state policy is the noble feature of constitutionambedkar
3 categories of dir pri of state policysocialistic, gandhian, liberal intlectual
fundamental duties added duringinternal emergency, 42nd amd act 1976
committee recommended fundamental dutiesswarn singh

Section 11

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11th fundamental duty add by86th amd 2002
uniform civil codeart 44
voting age reduced in1989 by 61 amd 1988
types of emergenciesnational(352), state(356, 365), financial(360)
national emer groundswar, external aggression or armed reballon
state emerfailure of consti machinary , failure to comply with directions of center

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three tier govt in year1992
panchayats amd, part and schedule73rd, 9, 11
municipality amd, part and schedule74rd, 9A, 12
part 3 whatfundamental rights
part 4 whatdir pri of state policy
part 4A whatfunda duties

Section 13

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part 9B whatcoop society
part 11 whatunion state relation
part 14 whatservices under union and state
part 15 whatelections
part 18 whatemergency
part 20 whatamdments
art 243panchayat, munici, coop soci

Section 14

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art 3formation, alterations and change regarding states
art 45early childhood care and education to children below the age of 6 yr
art 50separation of judiciary from executive
art 51afunda duties
art 72president power to grant pardons
art 112budget
art 123ordinances

Section 15

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art 155aptt of gover
art 280finance comm
art 312all india services
art 315psc and upsc
art 320adm tribunal
art 370j and k

Section 16

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schedule 1name of states and ut
schedule 2allounces
schedule 3oath
schedule 4rajya sabha seats
schedule 5scheduled area and scheduled tribes
schedule 6tribal area of ass, megh , tri, mizo

Section 17

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schedule 7state, union and concor lists 100.61,52
schedule 8languages
schedule 9land reforms
schedule 10anti def law....added by 52 amd act 1985

Section 18

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