Politics (1951-64) - Extra Notes

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Lord Woolton and Maxwell-Fyfe tried to stimulate Tory grass-roots support; how much did party membership increase between 1945 and 1948?1 Million
Which 1947 Conservative document indicated that Conservatives were now committed to the welfare-state, mixed economy, and full employment?The Industrial Charter
Which 1949 document expanded on the Industrial Charter, and formed the basis for the 1950 Conservative manifesto?The Right Road For Britain
In 1951, Rab Butler faced a budget deficit of £700 million, following spending cuts what was this in 1952?£289 Million
In 1951, the welfare state represented 39.2% of public expenditure, what was this by 1955?43%
In Macmillan's 1959 tax-cut, by what amount was income tax cut?4 Pence
What was the only piece of legislation passed by Macmillan between 1957 and 1959?Housing Act of 1959
What was the only major piece of legislation passed during Macmillan's second term?Immigration Act of 1962
Selwyn Lloyd introduced deflationary measures to help cool-down the economy, and they did help halt the pressure on currency reserves, but what was unemployment by the end of 1962?800 000
Why was Macmillan's 1963 tax-cut, worth nearly £300 million, unsuccessful? There was a considerable upsurge in imports, and this forced the government to borrow more?
When the Conservatives left office in 1964, how big was the budget deficit that they left behind?£750 million

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How much did the Suez Crisis cost Britain? £564 Million

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