Poli 371

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Section 1

Question Answer
s.16French and English Official language
s.21-36Everything about the Senate
s.91Federal responsibilities
s.91 (24)Federal responsibilities over indians
s.91 (2a)Unemployment insurance
s.92provincial responsibilities
s.92(a)Non-renewable energies to the province
s.93provincial right over education
s.94(a)old age pensions
s.109Land and mines are provincials
s.121Free market between provinces
s.132Trade and international regulations

Section 2

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s.1Charter of rights and freedoms
s.15every individual are equal before the law
s.23French and English should be accessible in schools of every province
s.33Notwithstanding clause
s.35Recognize aboriginal treaty
s.36Transfer program equalisation payments
s.387-50 rule
s.42ce qui est sous s.38
s.43One or more but not all
s.44Federal power over the parliament
s.45Provincial power over their assembly
s.47Legislative veto (180) Senate

Section 3

Question Answer
Using Federalism to manage diversityBermeo
Federalism and DecentralisationOsaghae
Safeguards of FederalismBednar
Founding Father Feared civil war, they were practicalLaselva
Relation of courts to lawLederman
New Canadian political federalismVipond
Reasons for centralisation and decentralisatiomTurgeon
Different type of FederalismBanting
Quebecs place in the constitutionTrudeau
The fight over Canadian oilMeekison
Court power since 1982Kelly
Quebecs real place in the constitutionLaforest
Bailout gameRodden
Federal liberalizing trade policiesMacdonald
Taxation in CanadaWatts
Metis placeMorse
Role of government over societyCairns
Canada and Federal political cultureRocher