PolA in development

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which genes are deadenylated upon GVBD? All - including housekeeping genes
What is the evidence that deA causes translational shutoff?Removal of nucleus from a xen cell prevents deg as do PABP overexpression
Which RNAs are adenylated early and latec-mos and then cyclin B
what is the optimal CPE - hexamer distance25nt
What is the characteristic feature of late adenylated RNAsMultople CPes One of which overlaps with the hexamer. Number and positon of CPE important
What is the evidence that olyadenylation is cytoplasmic?Progesterone + RNAs in enucleated oocytes- lenghtening
What indicates that both CPE and hexamer requiredResponse of luc reporter 3'UTR cyc B to projestone reduced in either single mutant
What showed Gld2 recruitment suff for polAMS2 fusin tether Northern blots show rang eof RNA which doesnt occur in Gld2 mutant
When is cycB1 lengthenedDuring meiotic maturation
How do we know the CPE inhibits polyadenylation in oocytes?Competition experimetns- CPE inject allows translation of Cyc B mRNA w/o PolyA
What percentage of RNAs are rhythmicall expressed? Which due to PolA80% with 20% of them PolA reg and controlled by CPEPB
How was rythmic gene expression determine?Mice in 12 hour day night cycle livers at 4 hours quantified transcript leveles poly A and translation
Which RNAs are rythmically polA?CBeb2+4 + Gld2
Who did the cyclical RNA studyKojima 2012
How does progesterone Activate translationP CPEBP causing maskin dissociationa dn stimulation of PolyA
How does maskin work? What family does it belong toinhibits interaction of polA tail w/ eif4G. eiF4bps along with Cup 4ET and 4EBp1-3 recognise YcccLphi
What does the revised mdel of xenopus control include ? why necessary? Maskin is not present in CPEVP immiunoprecipates but BP1b and 4ET ae
How long can a 3'UTR be? 9kb
How dopes Bicoid circutit workBBR -Bicoid 4eHP (weak cap binder)
Oskar and Nanos?Bruno/Smaug - CUP which competes with 4G directly for 4E binding/

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