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point types and meridians

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There are how many acupoints on the body361
When doing point work, how many points should be worked on a healthy animal10-12 , 5 or 6 on each side
In Host Guest Theory a ____ point is combined with the ______ meridianSource point combined with its sister meridian
What is the benefit of using a Source pointCan automatically sedate or tonify the meridian to balance it
Connecting Points connect ______Sister Meridians
The purpose of connecting points is Correct a balance of energy between sister meridians
Master points affect _____ of the _____Areas of the body
Connecting points are beneficial for _____ issuesChronic
Association Points are used for _____ and _____Assessment and treatment
Master Points are used for _____ _____Treatment only
Alarm Points are used for _____ and _____Assessment and treatment
Connecting Points are used for _____ and _____Assessment and treatment
The ______ _____ and ____ ____ ____ are the only meridians that have acupoints12 Major meridians and 2 Extraordinary Vessels
The Governing Vessel nourishes the ____&___Spine and brain
The Conception Vessel impacts the ____ ____reproductive system
Governing vessel governs the ____ of all ____Chi of all Yang meridians
Point work ____ ____ to the meridians and the bodyrestores balance
Conception vessel governs the ____ of all ___Chi of all Yin mer.
Connecting points are also call Luo
Assoc. pts are also called Back Shu
Alarm pts are also called Front Mu
Point work that are ___ ___ or ___ to themlocal, adjacent, remote
For overall health strengthen ___ & ___Stomach and spleen
Meridian is a reflection of the ____Organ
What is the Law of integrityWhat occurs inside the body will be seen on the outside
There are how many acupoints361
Acupoints are in the ____ of the bodyvalleys / hollows
Point work restores harmonious balance by affecting ___ ___ &___ on the meridiansBlockages, stagnation, excesses

Association Pts

Question Answer
Each organ has ___ Association pt1
True/false Association points have an indirect relationship to the organsFalse
Assoc. pts are found where?on the Bladder meridian
___ pts and ___ pts are used to determine the depth of a conditionAssoc and Alarm
A reactivity of an Assoc. pt may indicate the balance of its meridianTrue
An assoc. point can be used totry to open blockages
______ points are used to assess a conditionAssoc.
Assoc points used in the "Opening" are used toprovide info to create a treatment plan
If an Assoc. pt feels hard & hot, this would indicate _____ ____ energy at the pointtoo much
What is another name for Assoc. PointsBack Shu
An Assoc Pt is used with the ____ point to determine the depth of a conditionAlarm
Association points consist of 6 ___ and 6 ___ pointsYin Yang
Using the Assoc Pts during the opening provide ______ to use in ____Feedback/Treatment plan
True/False an Assoc. pt may be used to treat a blockageTrue
The reactivity of Assoc. Pt is used to _____ a conditionassess
Sensitive Association pt can mean a Meridian imbalanceTrue
A reactive Assoc pt may indicate an organ imbalanceTrue
A sensitive Ass. pt can indicate a meridian blockageTrue
If an assoc. point is touch it indicates excess energy at that pointFalse

Alarm Pts

Question Answer
Alarm or Mu pts are also calledFront collecting pts
Alarm pts are located mostly on the ____ side of the bodyVentral
Alarm pts are where the ______ of the ____ gathers and collectsEnergy of the Organ
Alarm pts may be ____ upon palpationtender
Imbalances cause an Alarm point to be ____ _____sensitive to pressure
There are ____ Alarm points12
T/F Alarm and Master pts are used in conjunction to determine the depth of organ involvementFalse
In session work Alarm pts are used to _____ an organ's energy balanceRegulate
Alarm points are used in both ____ and ____Assessment and Session
Which organ is imbalanced if Lu1 is sensitiveLung
What does is mean if both Ass. and Alarm pts are reactive?Organ and meridian involvement

Source Points

Question Answer
There are ____ Source points12
T/F Source points are on the meridian they controlTrue
Source points are used in both ___ & ___Assessment & Session
T/F Source points are used solely to sedateFalse
Host Guest theory uses ___ & ___ pts for treatmentSource & Connecting
T/F Source points are used with Alarm pts to determining organ involvementFalse
Source points are powerful because they cantone or sedate as needed
Source points have a ____ connection to their organDirect
Source points are located ____on their meridian
Source points are powerful because the have a ____ ____ ____ to their organDirect internal external connection
Source points _______ deficienciestonify
Source points balanceyin yang
Source points ______ excessesdisperse
Source points can _____ emotionsstabilize
What are the 2 reasons Source pts are so powerfulTonify or sedate depending on need and They are a direct external/internal connection to their organ

Connecting Points

Question Answer
The purpose of connecting points is Correct a balance of energy between sister meridians
Each ____ has a connecting channelmeridian
Connecting point connects ____ meridianssister
There are ____ Connecting pts15 (meridians +GV and CV + Sp21 cp of all cps)
Connecting points are used in what part of acupressuresession/treatment
Spleen21 is the ______connecting pt of all connecting points
Connecting points are found where on the bodyprimarily around carpals & tarsals
The connecting point enhances the effect of the ____ pointSource
Working the connecting pt creates a _____ of chitransfer to sister meridian
The connecting point can resolve energy ____ between sister meridiansimbalance
Connecting points are beneficial for _____ issuesChronic
Connecting points are also call Luo

Jing Well Points

Question Answer
Jing Well pts are also called ____Ting points
There are ____ jing well points12
Jing pts are _____ on the meridians1st or last
____ is most accessible @ jing well pointChi
Jing pts are where ____ is closes to the surfaceChi
What happens to Chi at Jing well ptsChanges from Yin to Yang or Yang to Yin
Jing well points are used in ___ ___Assessment and session
Jing points are where ___ ___ meetsister meridians
The Alarm, Jing, Ping, & Source pts are all classifications of AcupointsFalse

Master points & Influence points

Question Answer
Master points affect anatomical areas
Master pts is used for problems in ____ ____ of the bodya specific area
Master points are used in ____ onlysession
Influence points affect problems in _____ ____functional system
Use Inf. pts when an animal exhibits a problem in a specific _____ of ___sphere of influence
Influence pts are used in ___ onlysession
Influence point for all Yin organs isLiv12
Master points are used with Source pointsFalse

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