Poetry terms

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BalladA long song or poem that tells a story
RhymeA short poem with rhyming lines
rhyme scemewhen they use letters to indicate which lines rhyme:lines designated with the same letter all rhyme with each other
MeterRhythm in poetry, the pattern of the beats
allusiona brief reference to something from history,literature, etc.
AlliterationA poetic word that uses several words together that all begin with the same consonant sound
Metaphora word or phrase used to compare or give an idea of one thing applied to another
similecomparison or connection in a readers or listeners mind using things like ''like'' or ''as''
Onomatopoeiaa word which imitates the natural sounds of something
Free versePoetry that does not rhyme or have a regular meter.
Stanza a grouped set of lines within a poem different amounts have different names sometime have special names
PersonificationHuman characteristics to something non human
symbolusing images and indirect suggestion to express ideas, emotions and background
footunit of measurement that is repeated within a line.