Poetry Terms English Class

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Alliteration The repetition of initial sounds of stressed syllables in neighboring words or at short intervals within a line or passaage
Assonance The relatively close juxtaposition of the same or simlar vowel sounds but with different consonants in a line or passae.
Blank verse Poetry without rhymes but still sets a metrical pattern, usually iambic pentameter in English verse
Consonance The close repetition of the same end consonants of stressed syllables with differing vowel sounds
Couplet A pair of lines of poetic verse
Figurative Language Language that means something different than what is literally stated
Free verse Poetry that does not contain a regular pattern of rhyme and meter
Hyperbole The truth is exaggerated for emphasis or for humorous effect

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Iambic Pentameter Each line has ten syllables and every other syllable is stressed
Imagery Words that appeal to one or more of the five senses: taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound
MetaphorA direct comparison between two things ( different or alike comparisons)
Oxymoron Combining two opposite words together
Personification Giving something nonhuman human characteristics
Rhyme Echo effect produced when a writer repeats the same sounds at the end of words
Shakespearean Sonnet A 14 line poem, written in iambic pentameter, has a rhyme scheme
Simile A comparison between two things using like or as
Stanza Grouping of lines within poetry

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