Poetry Terms asa

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Uses a word such as like or as to compare two unlike thingsSimile
compares two apparently unlike things but does not use like or asMetaphor
Gives human qualities to nonhuman or inanimate thingsPersonification
The repetition or sounds at the ends of words Rhyme
The rhythmical pattern or the arrangement and number of stressed and unstressed syllables Meter
The repetition of consonant sounds in the beginning of words Alliteration
The repetition of similar vowel sounds in stressed syllables that end in different consonant soundsAssonance
The repetition of final consonant sounds after different vowel sounds in stressed syllablesConsonance
The case of words that imitate soundsOnomatopoeia
The use of any element of language Repetition
Something that stands in the place of something else or represents itSymbol
Underlying truth at the heart of poem or story Theme
Extreme exaggeration to make a point Hyperbole
A metaphor that continues throughout a stanza for a whole paragraph Extended Metaphor
Two lines that rhyme one after anotherCouplet
Line of poetry that completes a sentence or phrase and comes to an actual pauseEnd stopped Line
switching the normal order of a sentence in order to create a meter or emphasize somethingInversion
Repeating a similar sentence or phrase to create a parallel structureParallelism
Rhyming that occurs in a line in poetry or in middle of the line in the poem Internal Rhyme
A pattern of end rhymes in a poem Rhyme Scheme
A rhyme that occurs at the end of lines in a poem or stanza End Rhyme

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