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End Rhyme A rhyme that occurs at the end of lines in a poem or stanza.
Rhyme Sceme A pattern of end rhyme in a poem.
Internal Rhyme Rhyming that occurs in a line of poetry or in the middle in the lines in a poem
Paralellism Repeating a grammar structure to repeat a similar sentence or phrase to create a parallel structure
InversionSwitching the normal order of a sentence in order to create a meter or emphasize something
End Stop Line A line of poetry that completes a sentence or phrase and comes to an actual pause.
CoupletIs 2 successive rhyming lines in a poem
Extended Metaphor A metaphor that continues throughout a paragraph or stanza the metaphor is developed and expanded
hyperbole extreme exaggeration to make a point
theme underlining truth at the heart of a poem or story
symbolthat stands in the place of something else or represents it