Poetry and Poetics Midterm

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Question Answer
Ars poeticapoem about poetry
odeexpresses serious thought; honors, celebrates, praises
tonesound quality, how you feel (internal struggle)
symbolrepresentation of
mimetic (mimesis)language does what it says; specific type of symbol


Question Answer
imagean intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time (Pound)
objective correlativea set of objects/situations/chain of events that makes a formula to an emotion (Eliot)
camera obscurareader sees nothing (a blank page) and then derives meaning from the writer's image
enjambmentcontinuation from the first line to the second
caesuradeliberately placed to break structure by varying a pattern with placing of pauses; initial, medial, terminal (end-stop)


Question Answer
metera form of measure; heightens, regulates, organizes
scansionvisual representation of meter
prosodyrhythm of the poem itself
allegorynarrative of events continuously referring to another simultaneous event or idea
stanzaline groupings that often share number of lines, meter, and rhyme; connected ideas and allows mood shift
similecomparison using like or as between two contrasting images
epic similelength comparison between two highly complex objects, actions, or relations


Question Answer
common measurerhyming ABAB
ballad measurerhyming ABCB
catalexiswhen a line ends with an abbreviated foot
acephalouswhen a line begins with an abbreviated foot
synaeresiscompression of two vowel sounds into a single syllable
syncopeomission of consonant sounds or of unstressed syllables


Question Answer
assonancerepetition of a vowel sound in non-rhyming stressed syllables
consonancerepetition of consonant (or consonant clusters) in non-rhyming stressed terminal syllables
alliterationrepetition of initial consonant sounds in stressed syllables
masculine rhymerhyme words that consist of a single stressed syllable
feminine rhymerhyme words in which a stressed syllable is followed by an unstressed syllable
onomatopoeiaany repetition or use of words which imitate sounds


Question Answer
metaphorword or phrase shifted from its normal uses to a context where it evokes new meanings; ordinary meaning of a word is at odd with the context
vehicleword or words that convey the idea; what is being said
tenoridea or concept meant by the metaphor; what is meant
groundpoint(s) of contact or similarity between tenor and vehicle
conceitelaborate metaphor/simile; see likeness while remaining conscious of the unlikeness
metonymy (metonym)figure of speech that replaces name of an entity with something closely associated (substitution/deletion)


Question Answer
stichicno formal grouping; by line; long/loose/baggy
strophicformal arrangement; by stanza; focused/particular/specific; argumentative
apostropheaddress to someone/thing (when not present)
blazontaxonomic description; piece by piece description of beloved

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