Poetic devices

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Question Answer
Words that sound like what they mean Onomatopoeia
Repetition of usually short initial consonant sounds in two or more consecutive words or syllablesAlliteration
A purposeful reuse of words and phrases for an effect Repetition
Words that have different beginning sounds but whose endings are alikeRhyme
Helps us understand one thing by comparing it with another. Uses words LIKE or ASSimile
Comes right out say says what it means. Turning one thing into something else Metaphor
An exaggeration or overstatement intended to produce an effect without being taken literallyHyperbole
Giving human qualities or characteristics to animals or objects Personification
Contradictory statement that reveals a reality that is different from what it appears to be Irony
Fundamental to the perception of poetry, marks important distinction from prose. Poetry is arranged into a series of units that do not necessarily correspond to sentences. If tit is indented it is a continuation. Line
Unit of lines. Paragraph of a poem. Separated by a blank space. Stanza
Name given to describe the number of lines in a stanza Stanza form
The pattern established by the arrangement of rhymes in a stanza using letters of the alphabet to df rhyming lines.Rhyme scheme
Language that evokes sensory images (appeals eyes ears nose and touch)Imagery
Example of onomatopoeia Click, crackle, whoosh, fizz
Example of alliteration Alice's aunt ate apples and acorns around August
Example of rhyme Star, are
Example of simileLights as bright as the sun
Example of hyperboleMy bag weighs a ton
Example of personification Kleenex says bless you
Example of irony What a pleasant day when it is raining
Example of stanza formTercet, couplet
Example of imagery Streaming to a velvet sky