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Scientific name for rabbitsLgomorpha leoporidae
What type of ovulators are rabbits?induced
Are young rabbits altricial or precocious?Altricial- can't thermoregulate
What is the diet for rabbits?Tender succulent plant parts, high water intake, avoid carb rich diet
What happens if you feed rabbits lots of low fiber pellets?Leads to obesity
How many times a day should baby rabbits be nursed1x a day
Describe the unique oral cavity of rabbitsDiastema, no canines, anisognathism, peg teeth
Can rabbits vomx?Nope
Where is the only place where rabbits have sweat glands?Upper lip, can't sweat otherwise
How many cervices do rabbits have?2
How many mammary glands do rabbits have4
What is a spay called in rabbits?Ovariohysterovaginectomy
What special precaution must you take w/ rabbits when spaying them?Empty bladder prior to spay
What's unique about rabbits' placentaHemochorial placenta, Placentophagic (yum)
what's unique about male rabbit reproOpen inguinal canals
How long does it take for food to transit the rabbit GI?4-5 hrs
What's unique about the rabbit GI systemCompletely acidic(pH 2) never completely empties, cecum holds 57% of dry matter content
What's unique about rabbits' resp system?Obligate nasal breathers because epiglottis dorsal to soft palate
What's unique about rabbits' CVS?Right AV valve has 2 cusps
What are rabbit CVS' a great model for ?Hypercholesteremia
What's unique about rabbits' feet?No footpads, don't cut fur around feet
Locations for blood collection in rabbitAuricular vasculature, jug v, cephalic v. (cath), Lateral saphenous v. (catheter) Largest arteriovenous shunts in body
What's unique about rabbits' lifestyle?They're coprophagic
Are rabbits diurnal or nocturnal?Nocturnal
How many times per yr do rabbits molt?2x/yr
Describe rabits' skinDelicate, prone to rips/tears
What's unique about rabbits' spines?Weak lumbar spine, esp around L7
Why should you force feed an anorectic rabbit?Hepatic lipidosis
Which plants are poisonous for rabbits?Dumbcane + oleander
Which drug is toxic to rabbits?Telazol causes nephrotoxicity
Which other pocket pet should you not house with rabbits and why?Don't house w/ Guinea pigs rabbits are carriers for Bordetella - if want to house together=> test rabbit first

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Zoonotic dz of rabbitsEPEC + EHEC, Cheyeltiella, Dermatophytosis, Encephalitozoonisis
What causes snuffles in rabbits?Pasteurella multicoda, G- non motile, coccobacillus
How's P, multocida transmittedDirect contact
SC of P. multocidaOften SC, resp(coughing dyspnea, nasal discharge), Conjunctivitis, otitis media + interna, septicemia: acute death, Genital tract infx(male and female)
How do you dx pasteurellosis?Rads, Nasal culture, PCR, serology
Pathology of P multocida in nasal passagesEdematous, inflamed,congested, turbinate atrophy
Pathology of P multocida in thoaxCranioventral pneumonia, firbinropurulent pleuritic and pericarditis
Pathology of P multocida in the liverHepatic necrosis
Vaax for P multocidaBunnyVac is USDA licensed , effx in preventing death and limx dz
Etiology of collibacillosis in rabbitsE. coli
What type of bactx is e. coliG-, facultative anaerobe, motile or non-motile
Pathotypes of E.coli in rabbitsEPEC, STEC/EHEC, NTEC
How is E.coli transmitted?Fecal oral
How old are rabbits when they're infx w/ E. coli?Typically affx 4-6 wk old weanlings, 1-2 wk old sucklings
Name the three general clinx syndromes caused by collibacillosisnteric/diarrheal dz, UTI, infx, Sepsis/meningitis
What CS do you see in a suckling with collibacillosissevere yellow diarrhea, high mortality
What CS do you see in a weanling with collibacillosis?Profuse watery diarrhea, dehydration, anorexia, wt loss, stunted growth, death
Dx of collibacillosisCulture of feces/intx contents, PCR, molecular characterization
what would you use to culture collibaciloosisBlood Agar, Mac agar, EHEC-sensitive media, biotyping, serotyping for defx dx
Where would you send e. coli samples for molecular characterizationE.coli ref center ( Penn state) or STEC center (Michigan state)
Which strains of E. coli pose a zoonotic risk?EPEC + EHEC
Which microsporidium is zonotic in rabbits?Encephalitozoon cuniculi
What are the CS of Encephalitozoonosis?Convulsions, tremors, torticollis, paresis, paralysis, coma, signs of kidney failure, haucouveitis, seocndary to lens rupture
How quick is the onset of CS of EncephalitozoonosisDelayed onset (weeks to months)
Where are the early signs of infx of Encephalitozoonosis?Kidney, liver, lungs
Where are the late signs of infx of encephalitozoonosis?Kidney, brain
How is encephalitozoonosis transmittedDirect contact, environmental contamination, urine, vertical transmission is possible as well
Pathology of encephalitozoonisis in kidneyMultiple white, pinpoint areas of grey, indented areas of renal cortical surface, granulomatous inflammation w/ interstitial infiltration of lymphocytes _ plasma cells, tubular degeneration
How do you dx encephalitozoonosis?Histo w/ observation of organism (brain/kidney show best detx rates), Serology, PCR
What stains do you use for histo of dx encephalitozoonosis?Giemsa stain, gram stain, Goodpasture's carbol fuschin stain
What tissues should you use for PCR to dx Encephalitozoonosis?Urine, intx, brain, heart, liver, lung, kidney

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