Pocket Pets-Mice and Rats

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What is the scientific name for miceMus musculus
What type of ovulators are mice?Spontaneous ovulators
What type of estrus do mice have?Polyestrus + post partum estrus
Are young mice altricial or precocious?Altricial
Describe the unique features of the oral cavity of mice?Diastema, Hypsodontic incisors, no canines or PMs
Can mice vomit?nope
Can mice sweat? No they don't have sweat gladns
How many mammary glands do mice have?5
What is the Whitten effx? One female mouse is domx and the others have suppressed estrus
What is the Bruce effx?If a female mouse is impregnanted by one male, but then exposed to another, she will abort
Unique features of mice resp system1 left lobe, 4 right lobes
How many digits do mice have?5 in front and hindlimbs
Blood collection site in miceSubmandicular v.
Are mice coprophagic or cecotrophicCoprophagic
Unique organ in miceHarderian gland, produces Porphyrin
What unique about the mice thymus?Never completely involutes
Why shouldn't you house multiple male mice together?They'll fight

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Zoonotic dz of miceSendai virus
What is the primary pathogen in chronic resp dz in mice?Mycoplasma pulmonis aka Murine resp mycoplasmosis
What is the telltale sign of mycoplasmosis in mice?Chromodacryorrhea
What is CAR bacillus and who does it infx?Cilia associated resp bacillus; infx rats, mice , rabbits
How is CAR bacillus transmitted?Direct Contact
CS of CAR bacilusAsymptomatic, nonspecific, wt loss, dyspnea
Pathology of CAR bacillusSuppurative bronchopneumonia, hyperplastic peribronchial + peribronchiolar mononuclear cell cuffs, Wrathin-starry or methamine silver filamentous bacilli
How long does a CAR bacillus infx last?Lifelong
What causes bactx pneumonia in mice/rats?S.pneumonia, seldom in the absence of M. pulmonis, Sendai virus, CAR bacillus
Signs of bactx pneumonia in mice/ratsSudden death in young animals, Older: dyspnea, snuffling, abdominal breathing
What are some other pathogens that cause resp dz in mice/rats?Mycoplasma pulmonins , Strep pneumonia, Corynebacterium kutscheri
What causes pseudotuberculosis in rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters?Corynebacterium kutscheri
What are the minor pathogens that cause resp dz?Sendai virus (paramyyxovirus), Pneumonia virus of mice(paramyxovirus) Rat resp virus(hantavirus), Cilia assoc resp bacillus (CAR), Hemophilus sp.
What pinworms affx mice/rats?Aspiculara tetraptera Syphacia obveleta
Describe the eggs of aspiculara tetrapteraEllipsoidal, Assymmetrical
When are A tetraptera eggs deposited?At night, extreted in a mucous layer covering the feces
How long does it take for A tetraptera to become infx?6-7 days
How do you dx a tetraptera?Fecal floatation, necropsy
Who can S. obvelata infxMost common in mice but occasionally infx rats, gerbils, hamsters
What form of S. obvelata affx rats?S. muris
Describe the eggs of S. obvelataThin-shelled, crescent shaped, flattened on one side
How is S. obvelata transmitted?Eggs desposited on perianal regx, airborne dissemination
How soon is S. obvelata infx?In 6 hrs
CS of S. obvelata/A tetrapteraUsually asymptomatic
CS w/ heavy pinworm infestationRectal prolapse, intussception, enteretits,fecal impaction
Dx of S. obvelataAnal tape impression, PCR, Necropsy
Is fecal examination reliable for dx S. obvelata?NO
Ringtail is most common in Suckling rats/mice (2-19 days)
Contributing factors of ringtaillow environmental humidity, degree of hydration
CS of ringtailAnnular constriction of trail+/or toes , Dry gangrene
How do you dx ringtail?Epidermal hyperplasia, dilated and thrombosed vessels
Prevention/control of ringtail/Maintain relative humidity between 30-70%

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Scientific name for ratsRattus norvegus, Rattus rattus
What kind of ovulation do rats undergo?Spontanous
What type of estrus do rats have?Polyestrus
Are young rats altricial or precocious?Altricial
Can rats vomit Nope
What's unique about female rats' repro?Bicornuate duplex uterus , 6 pairs of mammary glands
What's uniqu about male rats'repro?Os penis, Open inguinal canal
Where do you collet blood in rats?Saphenous v.
Are rats cecotrophic or coprophagiccoprophagic
Unique organs of ratsHarderian gland(mice too), zymbal's gland, amble brown fat
What organ do rats lack?Gall bladder
Why don't you want to house mice with rats?Rat bite fever
What zoonotic virus is carried by rats?Hantavirus

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