Pocket Pets- Hamsters and Gerbils

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Scientific name for Syrian hamsterMisocricetus auratus
What kind of ovulation do hamsters and gerbils undergo?Spontaneous
Are young hamsters/gerbils altricial or precocious?Altricial
What type of estrus do gerbils have?Polyestrus nd post partum estrus
Describe the unique features of the hamster oral cavityDiastema, Hypsodont incisors, Cheek pouches
Describe the unique features of the gerbil oral cavitydiastema, hypsodont incisors, prone to dental caries and periodontal dz
Can hamsters or gerbils vomxNOPE
Do hamsters sweat?Nope, dissipate heat through ears/tails
Are gerbils heat tolerantYup, very
What's unique about the CVS in gerbils?40% of Mongolians have incomplete circle of Willis
How many digits do hamssters have?4 in front w/ vestigial thumb, 5 in rear
Blood collection in gerbilsSaphenous or tails veins only , max vol is 0.77 ml/100g
Hamsters undergo permissive hibernation at what temp41F
Which is cannibalistic hamsters or gerbils?Hammies
Gerbils don't hibernate but experience estivation which is what?Estivation is prolonged dormancy during hot/dry period
What unique organ do hamsters haveFlank glands used for marking
What unique organs do gerbils have?Large/persistent thymus unusually large adrenals
If you see a gerbil producing a very small amount of urine should you worry?No they're excellent at thermoregulating and only produce small amounts of urine
Contraindications for GerbilsPine bedding, ACE, Streptomycin/Neomycin, Lead toxicosis

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What zoonotic dz can hamsters carry?Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
What causes epilepsy in hamsters and guinea pigs?Stress
How is epilepsy inheritedSingle autosomal locus w/ 1 dominant allele w/ variable penetrance; due to defx of cerebral glutamate synthetase
How old are hamsters/gerbils when epilepsy first starts?2 months of age then persists through life
What causes Tyzzer's dz?Clostridium piliforme, G-, spore-forming
Which sp does Tyzzer's affx?hamsters/gerbils, rabbits, Guinea pigs
What predisposes to Tyzzer's infxPoor sanitation, parasitism, poor feeding
CS of Tyzzers High mortality w/ few CS in weaning hamsters, diarrhea, ruffled hair coat, lethargy, anorexia
Is Tyzzer's seen in healthy animals Not typically, usually in immunocompromised/stresed animals
Gross findings for TyzzersHepatomegaly, necrotic plaques of ileum cecum, proximal colon
Histofindings for Tyzzer's perioportal foci of cag necrosis, Degenx and necrotic l zof GI
What stain do you use to ID tyzzer's Warthin Starry or Giemsa stain
Proliferative ileitis akaWet tail, Regional enteritis, Transmissible ileal hyperplasia
Proliferative ileitis affx hamsters at what age3-10wks
What causes proliferative ileitis?Lawsonia intracellularis, G- , non-spore forming rod, obligate intracellular bactx
Who else can get proliferative ileitisMice, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, swine, rabbits
Tramission of proliferative ileitisFecal, oral
CS of proliferative ileitisLethargy, anorexia, ruffled hair coat, rapid weight loss, rectal prolapse, diarrhea w/ matted fur
Sequelae of proliferative ileitisObx intussusception, rectal prolapse, Death 24-48 hrs
Gross findings of proliferative ileitisSegmemental ileal thickening, fibrinous peritonitis w/ adhesions
Histo findings of proliferative ileitisintracellular bactx in apical cytoplasm of hyperplastic enterocytes, crypt, epithelial hyperplasia, vilus elongation, fusion
What stain is used to dx lawsonia intracellularis?Warthing-starry, PAS

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What species can vomx?Ferrets
Which sp has sweat glands?Rabbits on upper lip; Gerbils? are very heat tolerant
When you see porphyrin tears in a mouse/rat this is abnormal since the harderian gland produces prophyrin?Although prophyrin prodx is ormall, usually they groom themselves so you never see it so if you SEE porphyrin tears then ABNORMAL

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