Pocket Pets-Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas

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Scientific name for guinea pigsCavia porcellus
What type of ovulators are guinea pigs?Spontaneous ovulators
What type of estrus do guinea pigs have?Polyestrus+post partum estrus
Are young guinea pigs altricial or precocious?Precocious
What's unique about the guinea pig diet?Requires Vitamin C Strict herbivores
What's unique about the oral cavity of guinea pigs?Hypsodont teeth malocclusions in cheek teeth, palatial ostium
Can Guinea pigs vomit?Nope
Can guinea pigs sweat?No
Unique female repro of guinea pigsVagina sealed by membrane opens at estrus, parturition and day 26 gestation
What's unique about male repro in guinea pigs?Open inguinal canal, OS penis, Produce copulatory plug
What's unique about the guinea pig GI?Undivided stomach- all glandular, cecum holds 44% dry content
What's unique about the guinea pig's respiratory systemPalatial ostium- soft palate continuous w/ base of tongue; obligate nasal breathers
What's unique about the guinea pig CVSWell developed intercoronary collateral network, difficult to produce cardiac infarct
How many digits do guinea pigs have4 in front , 3 in rear
Blood collection in guinea pigs69-75ml/kg/bw Diffx, small volume samples,
Where do you collect blood from in guinea pigs?nail bed, lateral saphenous v. , digital v.
Can we use ALT as a marker for hepatic injury in guinea pigs?No, ALT is low in hepatocytes
What is unique about guinea pigs's lifestyleDiurnal + crepuscular
What do we mean by crepuscular?most active at dusk/dawn
Are guina pigs coprophagic?Yes
What is the unique cell found in guinea Pigs?Fao-Kurloff cell- unique leukocyte
Who do you find Fao-kurloff cells in?Highest in pregx females(it's estradiol depx), low in males, young
How do you prevent dystocia in guinea pigsBreed before 6 mo old
Which drugs are guinea pigs sensitive to?Penicillins, Cephalosporins, lincosamides, macrolides
Who shouldn't you house guinea pigs with?Rabbits- also don't house mature boars together- they fight
What zoonotic dz's do guinea pigs carry?Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Dermatophytosis

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Species name for ChinchillaChinchilla laniera: long-haired; Chinchilla chinchilla: short-haired
What type of ovulation do chinchillas undergo?Spontaneous
What type of estrus do chinchillas experience?Seasonally polyestrus
Are young chinchillas precocious or altricialPrecocious
What does the chinchilla diet consists of?Mainly herbivores, good quality grass hay, supplemented w/ pellets, LOVE RAISINS
Describe the oral cavity of chinchillasHypsodont, no canines, anisoghanthism, palatial ostium
Can chinchillas vomit?NOPE
Unique female repro in chinchillas3 mammary glands, prominent urogenital papilla(mistaken for penis), vaginal closure membrane, 2 cervices, hemoeddothelial placenta and placentophagic
Unique male repro in chinchillasGlans penis, spines, no true scrotum, no nipples, form hard plug
What type of stomach do chinchillas have?Pyriform stomach(like horse, pig)
Unique features of chinchilla CVS?Blood supply to brainl vertebral - basilar a. system; only have left coronary a.
How many digits does teh chinchilla have?4 digits front, 3 digits rear
What are some unique facts about chinchillas' lifestylenocturnal, dust bathing, heat/humidity tolerant , coprophagic
Chinchillas experience prebycusis what is this?Age-related hearing loss
Unique organ in chinchillasLarge tympanic bullae, long vibrissae- navigate at night
Can you grab a chinchilla by the tail?NOPE
Why don't you want a homogenous black/white chinchila these hair coats are lethal
What type of bedding do you want to avoid in chinchillasPine bedding
Which a. do chinchillas lack?Internal carotid a.

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What zoonotic dz do chinchillas carry?Listeria monocytogenes
What is the etiology of scurvyDefx of L-gulonolactone oxidase
What does L-gulonolactone oxidase do?Converts L-gulonolactone to L-ascorbate and Ldehydroaschorbic acid (DHA)
Defx of L-gulonolactone oxidase causes...Defx wound healing, fragile capillaries, improper tooth development
Who else besides guinea pigs can get scurvy?Humans, NHP, Passerine birds, bats, fish
CS of scurvySC, diarrhea, Wt loss, reluctance to move, swollen joints
Etiology of ulcerative pododermatitis?S. aureus
CS of Bumble footPlantar surface enlarged, firm, ulcerated, Histo: parakeratosis, w/ minimal inflammation
How do you prevent bumble foot?Appropriate beddint and good sanitation, wt loss, sx debridement, antibx
CS of streptococcus equi ooepidemicus in guinea pigs/chinchillasSC, inappetance, cervical llymphadenitis or *llumps* torticollis, nasal/ocular discarge, dyspnea, cyanosis, abortions, stillbirths
Pathology of S. equi zooepidemicusAbscessed encapsulated cervical lns, eneralized lymphadenitis, pneumonia, pleuritis, pericarditis, hepatitis
How do you prevent Streptococcus equi zooepidemicus?Nonabrasive feed, trimming overgrown or broken teeth

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