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Scientific name for ferretsMustela putorius furo
What kind of ovulators are ferrets?Induced
Estrus cycle for ferrets is described as...seasonally polyestrus
Are young ferrets altricial or precocious?Altricial
What is the diet for ferrets?Strict carnivores, High fat, high protein, low carbs and fiber
Describe ferrets oral cavitywell developed canines: maxillary incisors > mandibular
Can ferrets vomit?Yes they can vomit
Do ferrets have sweat lands?No so they're very heat sensitive
How many nipples do ferrets have?3-5 pairs
How many cervices do ferrets have?Just one cervix
Describe the ferret penisJ shaped OS penis
Describe the ferret GIminimal gut flora; can't digest carbs or fibers
How long is GI transit in ferrets?short(3-4 hrs)
What is unique about ferrets' CVS?Right adrenal gland is intimately attached to caudal vena cava
How many digits do ferrets have?5 digits
What kind of claws do ferrets have?Nonretractable claws
General rule for blood collection7% of BW is blood volume (can round up to 10) can safely take 10% of blood volume
How much would you take for blood collection in a female ferret?40mls
How much would you take for blood collection in a male ferret?60mls
Where would you take blood from in a ferret?Lateral saphenous(cath), cephalic(cath), Jugular v. anterior vena cava
Are ferrets diurnal or nocturnal? What special adaptation do they have because of this lifestyle?Nocturnal; well-developed tapetum licuidum
How often do ferrets molt?In fall, Spring
Why is intubation difficult in ferrets?Elongated trachea
Rx contraindications in ferretsAcetaminophen, Ibuprofen can cause some sensitivity too
What organs do ferrets lack?Sweat glands, cecum, appendix, ileocolonic valve
Who shouldn't be housed with ferretsJills should be single housed w/i 2 wks of partui

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What zoonotic agx are carried by ferrets?Rabies, Influenza
Which vaccines are approved for ferrets?Purevax-D, Galaxy-D
What type of vax is Purevax-DRecombinant canary pox vector expressing the HA and F glycoproteins of canine distemper virus (only expresses PART Of the virus, not the whole thing)
Is Purevax-D mono or multivalent?It's monovalent
Which vax is USDA approved for ferrets?Purevax-D
Downside of Purevax-DNot always available
What type of vax is Galaxy D?Modified- live virus
Is Galaxy D recommended for ferrets?Technically off-label for ferrets, monovalent for dogs
Downside of Galxy DNo longer manufactured
What ype of vax is Nobivac puppy?Modified-live, Same strain as Galaxy-D
Is Nobivac puppy mono or multivalent?Multivalent for dogs (distemper and parvo)
What type of vax is the Rabies vax?Killed virus (mixed w/ a safe an potent adjuvant)
Who is the Rabies vax formulated for?Multiple sp
What is the duration of protection provided by the Rabies vax1yr protection
What is the etiology of adrenal gland dz in ferrets?Underlying cause unknown, premature gonadectomy and husbandry may play a part
How common is adrenal gand dz in ferrets?second most common neoplasia in ferrets
How old are the ferrets affx by adrenal gland dz?Typically 3-6 yrs
Does adrenal gland dz show sex predisposition?Does it tend to affx one gland over the other?No sex predisposition, affx R and L equally
CS of adrenal gland dzCutaneous, behavioral, repro; bilateral truncal alopecia, vulvular enlargement, variable pruritis, urinary blockage in males, splenomegaly, may have palpable cranial abdominal masses
Dz for adrenal gland dzHistory, PE, CS, serum concentrations of steroid hormone
Which dz may have palpable cranial abdominal masses?Adrenal gland dz
How do you CONFIRM the dx of adrenal gland dz?Histo examination of adrenal tissue following bioopsy or removal
T/F: ACTH stim and dexamethasone suppression tests are used to diagnose adrenal gland dzFalse
What's the difference between post-op care for a unilateral v.s subtotal adrenalectomy?Unilateral: don't need to supplement corticosteroids Subtotal: need to supplement mineralcorticoids + glucocorticoids
When might you opt for medical management of adrenal gland dz?Poor surgical candidate, bilateral adrenal tumors that can't be resected , recurrent dz
Name some drugs used to medically manage adrenal gland dzMitotane, ketoconazole, androgen rec blockers, aromatase inhibitors, GnRH agonist
Etiology of estrogen toxicosis in ferretsEstrogen-induced anemia(if estrus persists>1 month) Ferret remianing in estrus, cystic ovary, ovarian remnant
CS of Estrogen toxicosisvulvular enlargement, dorsal bilaterally symmetric alopecia, hemorrhages, pale MM, weakness, anorexia, depression, lethargy, weight loss, bacterial infection,vaginal discharge
Early diagnosis of estrogen toxicosisThrombocytosis, neutrophilic leukocytosis
Dx of estrogen toxicosis at time of presentationNormocytic, normochromic, NRA, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, BM biopsy
How do you terminate estrus + provide supportive care for ferrets?Breed w/ vasectomized male, ovariohysterectomy if PCV >25%, hCG, GnRH, Irondextran
When would you give a blood transfusion to a ferret?if PCV<25%

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