PNS- Lumbar + Sacral Plexi

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Question Answer
The Lumbar Plexus is formed by ?Union of Ventral Rami of T12-L4.
Lumbar Plexus is formed behind what muscle?Psoas Major
L1 gives rise to what two mostly sensory nerves?Iliohypogastric + Iliolingual.
What nerve supplies the skin of the lower anterior abdominal wall?Iliohypogastric.
What nerve supplies the skin of the scrotum and labia majora?Iliolingual.
Remaining fibres of L1 and L2 make a mixed nerve called ?Genitofemoral.

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What nerve fibres make up the Lateral Cutaneous Nerve?L2, L3. - Supplies Sensory for Lateral side of Thigh.
The major part of L2, L3, L4 combine to form what nerve?Femoral Nerve.
The same nerve components of the Femoral Nerve also form what other nerve?Obturatior Nerve.
Both Femoral and Obturator Nerves are of what type?They are both mixed nerves.
When present, the Accessory Obturator Nerve is formed by what segments.L3, L4.
The rest of L4 and L5 form to create what nerve?Lumbosacral Trunk which joins with the Sacral Plexus.

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The Femoral nerve emerges from the ____ side of the psoas major.Lateral Side.
Where does the Femoral Nerve enter the thigh region?After passing posterior to the midpoint of the inguinal ligament.
What are the muscles supplied by the Femoral Nerves motor branches?Quads, Sartorius, Pectineus.
What are the Sensory Branches of the Femoral Nerve?Intermediate + Medial Cutaneous of thigh. + Saphenous Nerve.
What do these Sensory Branches supply?Skin of Ant + Medial Thigh, skin of medial side of lower leg down to big toe.
The femoral nerve has a sensory branch of proprioreceptive type for what joint?Hip Joint.

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The Obturator Nerve emerges from what side of the psoas major muscle?The Medial Side.
Where does the Obturator Nerve enter the thigh?Through the Obturator Foramen.
The Obturator Nerve splits into what two branches?Anterior + Posterior Branches, in relation to ADD Brevis Muscle.
These Obturator Nerve Branches supply what muscles?All of the Adductor Muscles, and 50% of the time it will supply the Pectineous mm.
The 2 main sensory branches supply what?Somatic Sensory for the Hip + Knee Joints.

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The Sacral Plexus is formed in front of what muscle?Piriformis Muscle.
It is formed by the nerve roots of ?L4-S5 + C0.
It has many sensory + motor branches which supply ?Muscles + Skin of Gluteal region, post aspect of thigh, and whole of leg and foot.
What is the largest branch of the plexus? What is it formed by?Sciatic Nerve, L4-C3.

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The Sacral Plexus has _________ nerves with 3 segments.4.
What are the Nerves of 4 Segments.Sup Gluteal (L4-S1), Inf Gluteal (L5-S2), Post Cutaneous (S1-S3), Pudendal (S2-S4).
What does the Sup Gluteal Nerve Supply?Glute Min, Glute Med, TFL.
What does the Inf Gluteal Nerve Supply?Glute Max.
What does the Post Cutaneous Nerve Supply?Skin of Posterior Thigh.
What does the Pudendal Nerve Supply?Perenials + Skin of Posterior Aspect of External Genitalia.
The Sacral Plexus has ___ nerves with 2 segments.3.
What are the nerves of the 3 Segments.N to Piriformis (S2-S2), Perforating Cutaneous (S2, S3), N to Levator Ani (S3-S4).
What does the Perforating Cutaneous Nerve?Skin of the back of the Sacrum.
The Sciatic Nerve derives from what nerve roots?L4-Co.
The remaining parts of Spinal Nerves S4- Co supply what?Sensory- Perineal (S4)- Perineal Region. Ano Coccygeal (S5/Co)- Coccygeal Region.

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The Sciatic Nerve enters the gluteal region where?Just inferior to Piriformis Muscle,
Posterior Cutaneous Nerve lies just _____ to the sciatic nerve.Medial.
Deep to the Sciatic and Post Cutaneous Nerve is what nerve?N to Quadratus Femoris.
N to Obturator Internus runs ______ to the muscle of the same name.Superficial.

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The Sciatic Nerve splits into what two major nerve branches?Common Peroneal + Tibial N's.
Where do they split?Distal 1/3 of thigh.
The only muscle in post compartment of thigh supplied by common peroneal is?Short Head of Biceps Femoris.

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Where is the Tibial Nerve most superficial?In the Popliteal Fossa, covered only by skin and fascia.
It has sensory proprioceptive fibres for what joint?Knee Joint.
The Sural Nerve supplies what?Distal 2/3 posterior aspect of leg, lateral border of foot.
The Tibial Nerve also supplies the ______ layer of muscles in post compartment of leg.Superficial- ( Gastroc, Soleus, Plantaris, Popliteous.)
The tibial nerve lies between what layers of the back of the leg?Superficial and Deep Layers of Muscles.
The Tibial nerve also supplies the ____ muscles of the post compartment of leg.Deep. ( FHL, FDL, Tib Post).
It travels through the _______, enters the sole of the foot.Tarsal Tunnel.
Before travelling through the t-tunnel it has a sensory branch for?Medial Calcaneal N, skin of the heel area.

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What are the names of the two terminal branches of the tibial nerve?Medial and Lateral Planter Nerves.
The medial plantar nerve supplies what?Medial 2/3 sole of the foot, and medial 3.5 toes.
The lateral plantar nerve supplies what?Lateral 1/3 sole of the foot, lateral 1.5 toes.

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The Common Peroneal Nerve passes downward and _____ in the popliteal fossa.Laterally.
It has sensory branches to the ________, and _________.Proximal tibiofibular joint and lateral cutaneous nerve of leg.
It travels around the _______, and lies deep to the ________.Neck of fibula, and lies deep to the peroneal muscles.
It divides into what branches?Superficial and Deep.
What is a 'bumpers fracture'.Fracture to the fibular head.
What nerve supplies the sensory of the webbing of the big toe?Deep Fibular Nerve.

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The superficial branch of the Common Peroneal Nerve descends between what muscles?Peroneus Longus + Peroneus Brevis.
Then it becomes only a sensory nerve and it supplies what?Lower 1/3 of Lateral + Anterior aspect of leg, and dorsum of foot.
The Deep branch of the Common Peroneal Nerve sits deep to the _______ compartment of the leg.Anterior Compartment of the Leg.

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