PNS - Cervical + Brachial Plexi

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The Cervical Plexus is formed by what nerve roots?The anterior divisions of C1-C4 ( Part of C5).
Each nerve except the first divides into _______?Upper + Lower Branches, which unite to create 3 Loops.
The Cervical Plexus is formed in front of what muscles, and covered by what muscle?Formed in front of Levator Scapula + Mid Scalene, covered by SCM.
The Cervical Plexus branches are divides into what two groups?Superficial + Deep.

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How many Superficial ( Sensory ) Branches are there in the Cervical Plexus?4.
Where does Lesser Occipital derive, what does it supply?C2- skin of upper and back part of the auricle.
Where does Greater Auricular derive, what does it supply?C2,C3. - skin of face over parotid gland, skin over mastoid, skin on back of auricle.
Where does the Transverse Cervical derive, what does it supply?C2,C3. - antero-lateral parts of the neck.
Where does the Supraclavicular derive, what does it supply?C3,C4.- 3 branches, supplies skin from mid line to skin over pec major and deltoid. Skin of upper and posteror parts of shoulder.

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What makes up the Anterior Triangle?Ant Border of SCM, Jaw Line, Vertical Line down Chin.
What makes up the Posterior Triangle?Post Border of SCM, Sup Border of Traps, Mid 1/3 of Clavicle.

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How are the Deep Branches of the Cervical Plexus divided?Deep Internal, Muscular, Deep External, Muscular. Phrenic.
Deep Internal communicating with-Hypoglossal C1, Vagus C1,C2, Sympathetic C1-C4.
Muscular Branches to-Rectus Capitis Lateralis C1, Rectus Capitis Anterior C1,C2. Longus Capitis C1-C3.
Deep External communicating with-Accessory C2-C4.
Muscular Branches to- SCM (C2), Trapezius (C3,C4), Levator Scapula (C3,C4), Mid Scalenes (C3,C4).
The Phrenic Nerve contains motor and sensory fibres, ratio of ?2 Motor- 1 Sensory.
Phrenic Nerve derives from ?Mostly C4, fibres from C3,C5 as well.
Phrenic Motor Supply-Diaphragm
Phrenic Sensory Suppy-Pleura + Peritoneum lining diaphragm.

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The Dorsal Rami of C1 is called _______, and supplies ________.Sub Occipital Nerve, and supplies Sub Occipital Muscles.
Dorsal Rami of C2 is called ________, and Dorsal Rami of C3 is called ________.C2- Greater Occipital N, C3- Third Occipital N.
What do the Dorsal Rami of C2 and C3 supply?Sensory Supply to the back of the head and neck.
The rest of the Dorsal Rami are numbered and supply ______?The muscles and skin of the back.

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What is the Brachial Plexus formed by?The anterior rami of spinal nerves C5-T1.
C5-C6 join to form what?Upper Trunk.
C7 alone forms what?The Middle Trunk.
C8-T1 join to form what?Lower Trunk.
Each trunk divides into what?Anterior and Posterior Divisions.
Anterior Divisions of Upper + Lower Trunks join to form what?Lateral Cord.
Anterior Division of Lower Trunk forms what?Medial Cord.
All Posterior Divisions join to form what?Posterior Cord.
Branches derived from roots or trunks are called?Supra-Clavicular Branches.
Branches derived from Cords are called ?Infraclavicular Branches.

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Erbs Palsy is caused by?Injuries to the upper trunk of the brachial plexus.
What percentage of the population has tthe brachial plexus formed within the Mid Scalenes.7-10%.
What is COPD?Constant spasm of scalenes, making it difficult to breathe in.
What is Klumpke's Paralysis cause by?Damage to the lower trunk. (Cannot oppose all 5 fingers)
Klumpkes Paralysis causes most functional loss where?Intrinsic Muscles of Hand.

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How many branches are a part of the Supra-clavicular group?5.
N to Scalenii + Longus Coli.Supplies Scalenes and Longus Coli- (C5-C8)
Long Thoracic.Supplies Serratus Anterior . (C5-C7)
Dorsal Scapular.To Rhomboids and Levator Scapula.- (C5)
SuprascapularTo Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus. (C5-C6)
N to Subclavius.Supplies Subclavius. (C5-C6)

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How many branches are a part of Infra-Clavicular Group?3. (Lat, Med, Post Cords)
What are the branches of the Lateral Cord?Lat Pectoral (C5-C7), Musculocutaneous (C5-C7), Lat Root of Median Nerve (C5-C7).
What are the branches of the Medial Cord?Medial Pectoral (C8-T1) Med Cutaneous N of Arm (T1), Med Cutaneous N of Forearm (C8-T1), Ulnar N (C7-T1), Med Root of Median N (C8-T1).
What are the branches of the Posterior Cord?Upper Subscapular (C5-C6), Thoracodorsal (C6-C8), Lower Subscapular (C5-C6), Axillary (C5-C6), Radial (C5-T1)

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Where does the Musculocutaneous N enter the arm?It pierces the Coracobrachialis mm, it lies between biceps and brachialis.
What compartment does the Musculocutaneous N supply?The anterior compartment of the arm.
Musculocutaenous N becomes what sensory nerve?Lateral Cutaneous Nerve of Forearm, it supplies skin of the lateral aspect of forearm.

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The Median N is formed by the union of which roots?The Medial and Lateral Roots.
After entering the arm the nerve descends on ______ bicipital groove, and gives off one _____.Medial side of Bicipital Groove, gives off one vasomotor branch to the artery.
The Median N enters the forearm region deep to the _______.Palmaris Longus and Flexor Digitorum Superficialis.
The Median N supplies the muscles of what compartment?Most muscles of the Anterior Compartment of Forearm.
The deep muscles of the area are supplied by the _______ branch of the Median N.Anterior Interosseous Branch.
The Median N branches off above the wrist to create _____, which innervates _______.Palmar Cutaneous Branch, innervates the skin of the lateral 1/2 of palmar surface.
The Median N passes through the ______ and continues as the _______.Carpal Tunnel, continues as the Common Palmar Digitial Branch.
The Common Palmar/Digital Branch innervates what?Thenar Muscles.
This branch innervates the ________, and supplies ______.1st + 2nd Lumbricals, and supplies phalanges.

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The Ulnar nerve is derived from what cord?Medial Cord.
It passes ______to the medial epicondyle.Posterior.
Above the level of the wrist joint it gives off what two branches?Palmar + Dorsal Cutaneous Nerves.
They supply the skin of what ?Medial side of both surfaces of the hand.
It divides into what branches after travelling through the Guyenne Tunnel?Superficial + Deep.
The Superficial Branch supples what?Palmaris Brevis mm, and skin of medial side of fingers.
The Deep Branch supplies what?All remaining hypothenar mm's of hand.

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The Axillary Nerve is derived from what cord?Posterior Cord.
Wraps around _______, and passes through what space?Shaft of the Humerus, exits through the Quadrangular Space.
Divides into what two branches?Superficial and Deep.
What does the Superior Branch supply?Deltoid mm.
The Inferior Branch supplies what?Deltoid + Teres Minor mm's, and a sensory branch to the lateral part of arm.

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The Radial Nerve is derived from what cord?The Posterior Cord.

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