PMBOK 5th Edition Table

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PMP Process Groups

Question Answer
Process Group 1Initiating
Process Group 2Planning
Process Group 3Executing
Process Group 4Monitor and Control
Process Group 5Closing

PMP Knowledge Areas

Question Answer
Knowledge Area 1Project Integration Management
Knowledge Area 2Project Scope Management
Knowledge Area 3Project Time Management
Knowledge Area 4Project Cost Management
Knowledge Area 5Project Quality Management
Knowledge Area 6Project Human Resource Management
Knowledge Area 7Project Communication Management
Knowledge Area 8Project Risk Management
Knowledge Area 9Project Procurement Management
Knowledge Area 10Project Stakeholder Management

Project Integration

Question Answer
InitiatingDevelop Project Charter
PlanningDevelop Project Management Plan
ExecutingDirect and Manage Work
Monitor & Control 1Monitor and Control Project Work
Monitor & Control 2Perform Integrated Change Control
ClosingClose Project or Phase

Project Scope Management

Question Answer
Output 1Planning - Plan Scope Management
Output 2Planning - Collect Requirements
Output 3Planning - Define Scope
Output 4Planning - Develop Work Breakdown Structure
Output 5Monitor & Control - Validate Scope
Output 6Monitor & Control - Control Scope

Project Time Management

Question Answer
Output 1Planning - Plan Schedule Management
Output 2Planning - Define Activities
Output 3Planning - Sequence Activities
Output 4Planning - Estimate Activity Resources
Output 5Planning - Estimate Activity Durations
Output 6Planning - Develop Schedule
Output 7Monitor & Control - Control Schedule

Project Cost Management

Question Answer
Output 1Planning - Plan Cost Management
Output 2Planning - Estimate Cost
Output 3Planning - Determine Budget
Output 4Monitor & Control - Control Costs

Project Quality Management

Question Answer
Output 1Planning - Plan Quality Management
Output 2Executing - Perform Quality Assurance
Output 3Monitor & Control - Perform Quality Control

Project HR Management

Question Answer
Output 1Planning - Plan Human Resource Management
Output 2Executing - Acquire Project Team
Output 3Executing - Develop Project Team
Output 4Executing - Manage Project Team

Project Communication Management

Question Answer
Output 1Planning - Plan Communications Management
Output 2Executing - Manage Communications
Output 3Monitor & Control - Control Communications

Project Risk Management

Question Answer
Output 1Planning - Plan Risk Management
Output 2Planning - Identify Risks
Output 3Planning - Performance Qualitative Risk Analysis
Output 4Planning - Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Output 5Planning - Plan Risk Analysis
Output 6Monitor & Control - Control Risks

Project Procurement Management

Output 1: Planning - Plan Procurements Management
Question Answer
Output 2Executing - Conduct Procurements
Output 3Monitor & Control - Control Procurements
Output 4Closing - Close Procurements

Project Stakeholder Management

Question Answer
Output 1Initiating - Identify Stakeholders
Output 2Planning - Plan Stakholders Managment
Output 3Executing - Manage Stakeholder Engagement
Output 4Monitor & Control - Control Stakeholder Engagement