Pledge Test

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1. What is the purpose of the Beta Upsilon Chi Fraternity?


To establish brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ


2. Identify the two fraternity colors and the significance of both


a. White: to symbolize purity
b. Purple: to symbolize royalty


3. Write the fraternity song below


In one spirit, with one voice
We sing our song to thee
God Almighty, forever Lord
Jehovah God is He
Glory, all honor, to Him who reigns on high
In one accord, we dwell in unity
We are Beta Upsilon Chi


4. Name six images on the fraternity crest and what they represent


a. Crown: The sovereignty of God
b. Chi Rho: The peace of Christ
c. Cord: Ecclesiastes 4:12 (“A cord of three strands is not easily broken”)
d. Dove: The Holy Spirit
e. Cross: Jesus Christ; Salvation through Christ
f. Chalice and Bread: Communion through Christ with the Father


5. Give a brief account of the history of the founding of your Beta Upsilon Chi Chapter:


In the fall of 2014, a small group of Christian men gathered together to begin the founding of a Beta Upsilon Chi chapter at Louisiana Tech. As a unified organization,the brothers hosted their first tailgate to formally establish their presence on LaTech’s campus. It was the goal of the brothers to create an establishment apart from anything present at the university. They wanted to bring true brotherhood to a lost fraternal culture through the powerful bond of Jesus Christ. With events such as social functions, service projects, and campus outreach, the members of Beta Upsilon Chi continued to further the fraternity’s presence, and the kingdom of God.
Founding Fathers: Adam Lala, Blake Becnel, Brennan Edwards, Brian Elsner, Cam Broussard, Cody Carroll, Dillon Harper, Gabriel Hodges, Hunter Dial, Hunter Long, Jacob Priest, Joseph Meltz, Josh Owens, Logan Dallalio, Paul Butts, Ronnie Aycock, Seth Maggio, Spencer Morris, Tyler Musgrove, and Tyler Ross.


6. Give a brief account of the history of the founding of the original Beta Upsilon Chi Chapter:


Beta Upsilon Chi was formed at The University of Texas at Austin in the spring of 1985 by a handful of Christian men who desired an alternative to the present fraternal lifestyle. A group of Christian men met and planned the "BYX Island Party" to formally announce the fraternity's founding. It was the vision of the founding fathers to have a fraternity of committed Christian men, based on the unique brotherhood that a Christian atmosphere affords, for the purpose of fellowship and glorification of Jesus Christ. Through such events as parties, service projects, and evangelical outreaches, the charter members of Beta Upsilon Chi chose to unite in fellowship and glorify Jesus Christ on the University of Texas campus.


Founding Fathers: Craig Albert, David Daniels, John Douglas, John Edson, Jeff Garrett, David Givens, Steve Hoehner, Clayton Jewett, Scott Love, Mark McGee, Tim Miller, Roger Paupart, Don Reid, Kenneth Sapp, Garland Spiller, Clayton Walthers, Wendel Weaver, John Wilson.


7. Write the verse (and reference) on which the Beta Upsilon Chi Fraternity was founded:


“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity”
Psalm 133:1


8. an active member misses 3 meetings, he will be suspended for the remainder of the quarter.


9. Other than missing meetings, for what other reason may a Beta Upsilon Chi member be suspended from the fraternity?


For consuming alcohol or other drugs while wearing fraternity paraphernalia, or while drinking underage.


10. If at any time a pledge has a concern/complaint that he is not comfortable bringing to the attention of the officers, what should he do?


He may contact the National Office by using the Feedback button under “Contact” on
the National website: