Pledge quiz 4

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James Parks Caldwell birth/death?March 27, 1841 - April 5, 1912
Caldwell's motto?"true to principle"
What year did Caldwell graduate miami?1857
Where was Caldwell born?Monroe, OH
How old was Caldwell when he helped launch Sigma Chi?14
What happened when Caldwell was 13?The principal of the local academy remarked that the boy had covered everything that could be offered there, and he entered Miami with advanced credits.
What courses had pre-college caldwell advanced well in?Latin and advanced math
How is Caldwell best remembered?For his spirit of youth and creative genius
What did Runkle say Caldwell was born with?a wonderful brain and a strangely sensitive and delicate organization
What did Runkle do for Caldwell for more than a year?Roomed and cared for him
What did Runkle say Caldwell brought in the fields and streams instead of a gun or fishing rod?His copy of Poe or Shakespeare
From whom did Caldwell win affection?Everyone from the custodians to the president of the university
How old was Caldwell when he graduated Miami?Soon after his 16th birthday
Following college, Caldwell:practiced law in Ohio and began a career as an educator in mississippi
What did Caldwell do during the civil war?Enlisted in the confederate army but was captured and taken prisoner
What happened while Caldwell was a prisoner?He was offered freedom if he renounced his allegiance to the confederacy, but fidelity to principle led him to remain loyal to the south
What did Caldwell do following the war?He returned to the bar
What else did Caldwell do later in life?Being a bachelor, he traveled frequently, writing as a journalist and practicing law
Where did Caldwell die?Biloxi, Miss.
What was found in Caldwells room after death?The latest issues of The sigma chi quarterly
Where is Caldwell buried?Biloxi cemetery, Biloxi, Miss.
What rank was Caldwell in the military?Private and first lieutenant of artillery, Confederate Army

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How is the chapter advisor appointed?by the Grand Praetor
What does the chapter advisor do?serve as the chairman of the chapter advisor's board, working directly with the chapter officers and executive committee
How else does the chapter advisor serve?Along with the grand praetor, the chapter advisor serves as a liaison between the chapter and community alumni, university officials, and the general fraternity.
What does the chapter advisor oversee?The submission of required reports and forms and fees,particularly in areas associated with financial operations,pledging, and initiations.

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Who are volunteer, unpaid officials?All grand officers, including grand council and executive committee members
Who elects the Grand officers?The grand chapter
Where do the Grand Officers live?In different cities in the U.S and Canada, and each has his own career and family responsibilities
For what do Grand Officers receive money? They are partially reimbursed for travel and other expenses incurred in the course of fraternity business
Where can the Grand Officers' contact info be found?In the directory section of The magazine of Sigma Chi

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Who is the current Grand Consul?Michael A. Greenberg, Illinois Wesleyan 1982
What is the Grand Consul?The president of the International fraternity
What does the Grand Consul act as?Chairman of the EC, Grand Chapter and the Sigma Chi corporation
What does the Grand Consul oversee?the activities and operations of the fraternity and signs all charters and official documents
What does the Grand Consul have the power to do?fill any vacancy in the EC or Grand Council by appointment, power to interpret, construe, and enforce the Constitution, Ritual and statutes.
Who does the Grand Consul appoint?All standing and special committees, and appoints the two most recent international Balfour award winners to serve on the EC.

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who is the current Grand Pro Consul?Michael A. Ursillo, Brown 1978
What is the Grand Pro Consul?The vice president of the fraternity, second in command to the grand consul
What does the Grand Pro Consul act as?Vice chairman of the EC and chairman of the selection committee which chooses the finalists and winner of the Balfour award
What does the Grand Pro Consul preside over?The grand Council and serves as Grand Consul whn the Grand Consul is unable to perform his duties

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Who is the current Grand Quaestor?W. Thomas Geddings, Jr., South Carolina 1985
What is the Grand Quaestor?The treasurer and financial controller of the fraternity
What isthe Grand Quaestor responsible for?overseeing the funds
What does the Grand Quaestor oversee?financial regulations and the budget, issues and signs all warrants for the payment of money
What is the Grand Quaestor required to report?He is required to report to the Grand chapter and Grand council, furnishing audited statements of the financial position of the fraternity once a year

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Who is the current Grand Tribune?Rev. Francis "Skip" Flynn, Miami (Florida) 1967
What is the grand Tribune?The spiritual leader and fellowship advisor of the fraternity
What does the Grand tribune act as?He acts as a scholarship, spiritual and Ritualistic counselor
What does the Grand tribune promote?He promots exemplary scholarship, moral tone, and high ideals in undergraduate chapters

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Who is the current Grand Historian?William P. Fleming, Sam Houston State 1964
What does the grand historian do?compiles all historical and biographical material of the fraternity and encourages similar endeavors among the undergraduate chapters
What is the grand historian responsible for?maintaining fraternity archives and documents and for publishing the history of Sigma Chi, when schedule

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How many grand praetors are there?One for each province
How is a grand praetor nominated?nominated by one or more delegates elected by the undergraduate chapters in the province and elected to two year terms by the Grand Chapter
What do grand praetors do?advise chapters in their respective provinces, maintain general knowledge of their condition, and endeavor to improve their standing in scholarship, morals, and discipline
Are Grand praetors required to visit each chapter in their province?They are required to visit each chapter at least once a year and report their observations and recommendations in writing to the Executive Committee
What are Grand Praetors empowered to do?They are empowered to enforce the fraternity's governing laws and ritual in province chapters
Who does a grand praetor appoint?They appoint one or more chapter advisors for each chapter
what does a grand praetor review?chapter reports and applications submitted to the general fraternity
what does a grand praetor schedule?a yearly conference of all undergraduate chapters in their province
what does a grand praetor ensure?that each chapter administers the official pledge examination
How does the grand praetor ensure each man has met the university and sigma chi requirements?He reviews the academic vaverage of men proposed for intiation
who does a grand praetor appoint?appoints an undergraduate member from his province for representation in the grand council
What are the grand praetrs collectively known as?the "Praetorial college"
Who is elected at each meeting of the Grand Chapter?a chairman who is known as the dean of the praetorial college
Who is the current dean of the praetorial college?Don J. Decesare, Union 1874