Pledge quiz 3

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Coopers birth/deathSept. 2, 1830 - Dec 11, 1920
What is Coopers motto?"ruler of the spirit"
What year did Cooper graduate Miami?1857
How did Coopers age rank among the 7 founders?He was the oldest
Where was Cooper born?Near Fredericktown, Ohio
What did Cooper do before entering Miami?Taught in district schools
When did Cooper enter Miami?fall 1854
What was Cooper known as?the "balance wheel" for his self control and level-headedness which exemplified confidence and maturity
How old was Cooper when Sigma Chi was founded?25
What is Cooper credited with?Contributing much to the moral and spiritual foundations of the fraternity
To what was Cooper elected?The first consul of the Alpha chapter
What did Cooper do after leaving college?Entered seminary and became a Presbyterian minister
What did Cooper do as a minister?Served as pastor to parishes in Ohio and performed missionary work.
How did Coopers death rank?He was the last surviving of the seven founders?
Where is Cooper buried?Allegheny cemetery in Pittsburgh
What did Cooper wear throughout his life?his original Sigma Phi badge
When was Coopers original pin preserved?Upon his death
What is done with Coopers badge today?The newly elected Grand Consul is pinned at his installation into office

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Franklin Howard Scobeys birth/deathMay 27, 1837 - July 22, 1888
What was Scobeys motto?"courteous & loyal in his friendship"
What year did Scobey graduate Miami?1858
Where was Scobey born?Hamilton, Ohio
How old was Scobey when Sigma Chi was founded?18
What personal belief did Scobey stand for when he left DKE?principle outweighs blind loyalty
What philosophy was Scobey the main proponent and embodiment of?The spirit of Sigma Chi
For what could Scobey be relied upon?Cheering up the group with optimism and friendship
What qualities made Scobey very popular?His generosity in providing for the needs of his friends and his unfailing loyalty
What did Scobey do after graduating Miami?Studied law in Hamilton, Ohio and was admitted to the bar in 1860
From what did Scobey physically suffer?Increasing deafness
What did Scobey do during and after the civil war?Engaged in newspaper editorial work in Hamilton and almost lost touch with the fraternity
Where is Scobey buried?Greenwood cemetery in Hamilton, Ohio
What qualities were realized by the fraternity with a founders monument?congeniality and courtesy
What/when was the dedication of a founders memorial monument at Scobey's grave? Part of the Diamond Aniniversary Commemoration in 1930
What company was Scobey in the military?Sergeant, Third Ohio Infantry, U.S Army, 1861
What other professions did Scobey work?Cattleman & farmer

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ConsulPresident/ceo of the chapter, preside over meetings, posesses working knowledge of laws and regulations, maintains communication with officials, and maintains knowledge of all chapter and member activities.
Pro ConsulServes as vice president or coo, works closely with the Consul in carrying out chapter operations.
QuaestorTreasurer of the chapter, responsible for collecting funds, prepares a budget, provides financial reports, and insures awareness of all financial obligations.
MagisterPrepares the pledge brothers for initiation, gains member support, conducts a pledge program, and enforces the prohibition of hazing.
Recruitment chairOrganizes the chapters membership recruitment program, involves the entire chapter in recruitment, emphasizes academic and financial obligations.
AnnotatorKeeps accurate records, reports, and minutes of chapter meetings. Maintains bylaws, files and records, and coordinates community service and philanthropy, public relations, and publicity.

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What does the badge of Sigma Chi contain?Two chains connecting the upper arms, crossed keys on the upper arm, an eagles head on its right arm, a scroll on its left arm, clasped hands and seven stars on the lower arm, and the greek letters EX in the center.
What part of the badge is gold?The symbols and borders
What part of the badge is white?The background of each arm
What part of the badge is black?The background in the center
Who may wear the badge?Only initiated members
When may members wear the badge?when suitably dressed
Where is the badge worn?Over the heart, on the left breast approximately midway between the waist and the neck
How is the badge worn?With the upper arm slanted slightly toward the left shoulder
What can the badge be worn with?A collared shirt, pullover sweater, or vest, but never on the lapel of a coat
Who conceptualized and designed the badge?Runkle & Lockwood
Whom did the founders enlist the help of with drawing the badge?James C. Beard, a DKE member
What is the recognized nickname of Sigma Chi?Sig or Sigs. The term "Sig Chis" or any other abreviation is not used