Pledge quiz 2

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Question Answer
What year did Lockwood graduate Miami?1858
Where was Lockwood born?New York City
How old was Lockwood when Sigma Chi was founded?18
How is Lockwood best remembered?As the businessman or organizer of the group.
What element did Lockwood bring to the group?Cultural refinement
What did Lockwood do after graduation?Returned to New York and studied law
What year was Lockwood admitted to the bar and formed a law partnership?1860
What did Lockwood do at the outbreak of the civil war?Recruited a company of volunteers
What rank did Lockwood achieve in the company?First lieutenant and later captain
What did Lockwood receive a Tiffany sword for?Using his resources to provide for men in need.
What date was the furious assault on Fort Wagner (S.C)?July 18, 1863
What wounds did Lockwood receive during the attack on Fort WagnerSerious shoulder wound from which he never recovered
What year was Lockwood honorably discharged?1864
Why was Lockwood honorably discharged?Disabilities stemming from his original wound
Where did Lockwood return to after he was discharged?Usquepaugh, R.I
Who did Lockwood return to Usquepaugh, R.I with?His wife and son Frank
Who was Lockwood's son Frank named after?Franklin Howard Scobey
Why was Lockwood unable to practice law?His poor health
What did Lockwood do instead of practicing law?Bought local woolen mills and formed a firm
What was the name of Lockwood's woolen mill firm?Lockwood, Alpin and company
Although the business was a great sucess,his health failed constantly
Where is Lockwood buried?Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn, New York
When was Lockwood born?Oct. 31, 1836
When did Lockwood die?Aug. 17, 1867
What company in the military was Lockhood in?Company H, 48th regiment, New York volunteer infantry, U.S Army
What is Lockwood's motto?honest & trustworthy through life

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Question Answer
When was Jordan born?May 5, 1835
When did Jordan die?Dec. 3, 1890
What year did Jordan graduate Miami?1857
Where was Jordan born?On a farm in central Pennsylvania
How old was Jordan when Sigma Chi was founded?20
Where did Jordan's family later move?West Liberty, OH
Who did Jordan become friends with at an early age and was initiated into DKE with?Benjamin Piatt Runkle
What is Jordan best remembered for?His strong will and determined purpose
What did Jordan do in a speech he gave in 1884?Delineated the valued criteria for pledging, which is now known as the Jordan Standard
What did Jordan do following graduation?Studied law, was admitted to the bar in 1858, and practiced law in Dayton, Oh, and Cincinnati
What year was Jordan elected to the U.S congress?1882
What party was Jordan?Won as a democrat in a Republican district
How did Jordan die?Accidentally fell down an elevator shaft
Where did Jordan die?Leaving his law offices in downtown Cincinnati
Where was Jordan's death mourned?Throughout southwestern OH
What was the response to Jordan's death?Shock throughout the city, all courts adjourned and businesses were stilled
What did newspapers do in response to Jordan's death?Devoted entire pages, with prominent headlines and drawings, to the dreadful occurrence.
Where is Jordan buried?Spring grove cemetery in Cincinnati
What year was a founders memorial monument dedicated to Jordan?1929
Where was Jordan an orator in 1884?Grand chapter in Cincinnati
Where did Jordan serve as the orator in 1857?The first grand chapter
What was Jordan's motto?energetic & faithful to every task"
What district of ohio was Jordan the congressman?first district
What year did Jordan get his masters degree1862

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